Garmin HRM-Dual not showing as a HR on iPad [March 2024] [1.59]

Overview. My Garmin HRM-Dual would initially connect but would not show a HR (heart rate). After reading about this on the Garmin web site a sensor can have a software/firmware update. I proceeded to connect this HRM-Dual to my Garmin Fenix 6 and went on a hour long dog walk. Upon returning and saving the walk, a notification flash on the watch face indicated a sensor update. After about four minutes the update was complete, and I now get a heartbeat on the iPad Zwift app. YES!
To read the four-step process just search: Installing the Latest Garmin HRM-Dual Software to Your Sensor.

Hi @Matthew_Fowler1 welcome to Zwift Forums! I’m happy to read that after updating the firmware of your Garmin HRM-Dual it’s transmitting data to the Zwift game on your iPad, I want to show you my appreciation for the time invested in getting this resolved and sharing with us, your commitment is much appreciated!

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