Garmin HR monitor

I have a Garmin Forerunner 35 watch and was wondering if it is possible to use the HR feature somehow on Zwift. If so, can someone send me the steps to get it to connect? Thanks!

It seems that the forerunner 35 broadcasts hr with an ant+ signal.

If that is the case then you might be able to pair it to Zwift using an ant+ dongle on a pc.

Hi Andi,
take a look on this topic: How to - use Garmin watch (forerunner 645) and broadcast heart rate data to Zwift

In addition, as Aaron already mentioned in his post above, your device is probably able to broadcast the HR, so use his link for the configuration with Ant+ usb receiver.

Thanks! The words Broadcast HR was the key for me to unlock this month long mystery! Got it to sync to zwift and ready for my next ride! Thanks again!!


Hi Andy!
Could you make it work?

Hi Andi, what kind of device did you use for connecting your Forerunner 35 to the laptop? Was it a USB ANT+ stick? Just asking bc I’m planning to get a trainer soon! Thanks.