Garmin forerunner heartrate on zwift cycling

Hi All,

Just started zwift reallly like it but insomnias one function.

When setting up all via de iPad I can connect my Tacx and cadensesensor via the Bluetooth no issue. I normally use my Garmin forerunner 245 to track my workouts now zwift will upload them perfect only without a haertrate.

Now the question how can I use my watch to get it connect with zwift cycle. I know there is a option to connect it in the running mode with zwift running, why not sort of the same set up for cycle.

Does anyone know the solution.


I have a Garmin Fenix, but the way should be similiar:

  • Long click on the left upper button (short click = light)
  • turn the carousel to the heart symbol (“send Heart Frequency” or something like that)
  • click the right upper button
  • click the right upper button again to start sending
  • in the pairing section of zwift cycling, click on heart rate
  • choose your watch
  • that’s all

Ride on,

There is an option in the 245 setting to broadcast HR - Use that, works fine

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Where do I find that? I tried multiple things but could not find a mode to do so.

Thanks Stephan,

Unfortunately that option is not on my forerunner.

Look here: Forerunner 245/245 Music - Broadcasting Heart Rate Data to Garmin Devices

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Hold the page up button to get the menu to show.
Scroll down to HR
Scroll through to broadcast HR

Thanks, I find it.

But now still the trick how to broadcast it in Bluetooth to the iPad which has no ant+

EDIT: The 245 does broadcast bluetooth. Cheers @Lee_H for correcting me (I have referenced that same article so many times myself!). Use that linked article to see the process.

It will broadcast in bluetooth.

DC Rainmaker confirms it here & my other half uses it every other day with her Ipad: