Garmin Fenix 5 HR - Connected but not changing

I’ve connected my Fenix 5 through Ant + to my laptop and the watch is connecting as the HR monitor for zwift. Once they are connected it only shows the original HR, and never changes. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

did you set your Fenix to broadcast mode?

Yep, in broadcast mode, I can see HR changing on my watch, but sticks at the original HR on zwift.

I’m having this same issue. Fenix 5 connects over ant+ but hr never changes. I can see on the watch that it is broadcasting the correct number but zwift doesn’t seem to pick it up. With my old vivoactive hr it had worked fine.

Me too - exactly the same problem. Zwift team, can you please advise of how to solve this, so we get HR reading into the system?

Add me to the list.

However, my situation is a little different.  I use a Fenix 3HR and have had no problems getting heartrate synced with Zwift.  For some reason, I cannot get heartrate on my girlfriend’s Fenix 5S to sync with Zwift.

The steps to get the watches to broadcast seem to be the same, but the 5S just won’t sync.

Any ideas?

Gear - Wahoo Kickr + Alienware laptop w/ANT+ dongle


Is it meant to work over bluetooth?

I haven’t been able to connect my 2018 MacBook Pro/Zwift with my Fenix 5x over bluetooth.

Haven’t tried ANT+