Garmin Fenix 5 Heart Rate


I have connected my Elite trainer to Zwift (Android mobile app) and it works fine.

Now, I’d like to transmit HR from my Garmin Fenix 5. I’ve seen some YT movies and it doesn’t work. I see on the watch a screen with HR transmission but Zwift app doesn’t detect my watch…

It’s it possible to connect it or I should invest in HR strap? Our maybe I should buy ANT+ and move everything to PC app?

You need to check if the Fenix 5 can actually broadcast over Bluetooth. But to be honest HR from a wrist HR monitor is not that great on the bike.


Hi @Maciej_Oldakowski

I think there’s quite a bit of discussion about Garmin watches (Garmin Fenix specifically) here on the Forums, so you can search and find more information about that.

Like Gerrie said, make sure the Fenix 5 can broadcast via BLE, otherwise ANT+ is likely your best bet.

From what I’ve seen, there are some Zwifters who claim that other Garmin watches work great in Zwift for heart rate when paired via BLE, but some riders seem to have problems pairing the watch using BLE. It’s hit and miss. I haven’t seen as many issues in general when trying to pair Garmin watches to Zwift using ANT+ and it seems they’re more directly compatible when using that pairing method as opposed to BLE.

If you want to stick with Android instead of using PC, there may be a way to use ANT+ on that. For more information, see this article.

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Fenix 5 range is definitely ANT broadcast only (unlikely but Garmin could change this). Fenix 5 is very dodgy on my sweaty wrist, Fenix 6 seems very accurate. But I stick with chest strap.

Just putting this here so if it pops up again … Garmin watches that support BLE (and ANT+) broadcast are:

  • Enduro series
  • epix (Gen 2) series
  • fenix 6 series
  • fenix 7 series
  • Forerunner 55
  • Forerunner 245 & 245 Music
  • Forerunner 745
  • Forerunner 945
  • MARQ Collection
  • tactix Delta series
  • Venu 2 Series