Garmin Dual + Zwift Companion app

Hi, Use Apple TV with Neo2 as cadence, controllable, and power + Garmin Dual HRM. This connects brilliantly and never had any problems although that’s both Bluetooth channels used up. I’ve now bought Sterzo. I now have to connect via Zwift companion app. I can’t get it to work at all. HRM connects but says no signal and the sterzo occasionally connects but then gets stuck “activating”. The HRM appears in my Bluetooth list an my IPhone but cannot be deleted like other devices. (As in I can’t select forget device). If I turn off Bluetooth altogether everything disconnects. Any ideas? I’ve heard a clean install of the iPhone might fix it but that’s too much of a hassle. Thanks.

Forgot to mention, using Apple TV.

Hi did you manage to fix your issue?

Nope, didn’t want to wipe the phone. Issue has been fixed as on I’ve got a new Garmin HR which I haven’t linked to my phone at all and that now works. I couldn’t get the phone to forget the other HR at all.

Still don’t know if the Sterzo works with Zwift companion. Seen on here that the new update fixed the problem. I haven’t tried it yet to test.