Garmin connect problem

I have a problem when Zwift send the Activity to Garmin Connect … Everyrthing ok except for the km which dosen’t count in the monthly challenges…thank in Advance

Hi @giuseppe_rossi1

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That sound like Garmin connect does not take virtual rides in to account.

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Garmin takes virtual rides into account but the activity has to be recorded on a Garmin. I get around this by exporting the fit file from Garmin Connect into www, changing the device to a Garmin, and then importing it back to Connect

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Thank you…It work :grinning:

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It does, for some totals and few metrics, but Garmin Challenges are to be recorded on a Garmin device. That’s why there is the need to always modifiy a fit file or double record or merge fit files…

As I wrote above, using fitfiletools to change the device type to a Garmin WILL generate data for the challenges.

Yes that’s why I wrote the need to always modify a fit file or double record or merge :slight_smile: I wasn’t contradicting you…

I personnally prefer to merge files so I get the Zwift distance and elevation into the Garmin fit file with the rest of the ride activity data…