Garmin connect power reports

I would love to have my indoor rides reflected in the power reports generated by Garmin connect (avg norm power, tss, avg power) so I can see changes over time, but right now the only time I get data points generated on these Garmin reports is when I do an outdoor ride with my power meter.

To be clear, all of the power data/cadence/heart rate show up normally in each uploaded Garmin activity files- they just don’t seem to be used when I generate the power reports.

is there a solution to this?  

Ive been downloading the zwift file and uploading it manually after each ride to Garmin connect.


All I do is run my Garmin computer at the same time as using ZWIFT.  ZWIFT workout file gets uploaded to Strava.  All the other apps which can analyse L/R balance,  Torque Effectiveness, and smoothness get the Garmin file (eg Garmin Connect, Golden Cheetah, Training Peaks), which means you get the TSS, IF etc.