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I have rollers with power meter and Garmin watch. Power meter is connected to Zwift and I get speed and power on Zwift. Unfortunately on Garmin when I select indoor workout I get only power measure (Garmin doesn’t calculate speed).

How do you solve problem of not having speed(distance) on Garmin app when cycling on Zwift? (I have speed sensor but it won’t work properly on rollers due to resistance setup).

That’s…odd. What Garmin watch are you logging on? I suspect some may not support indoor riding but if yours is able to see a power-meter, that suggests it should.

You can choose not to use your Garmin watch and instead link your Zwift account to Garmin. After saving, the Zwift ride data will push to Garmin Connect and show up with the power, speed, and distances from Zwift.

There are some minor limitations that may be deal-breakers (or not) for you: Garmin cycling challenges won’t count distances accrued in Zwift, and physiological metrics won’t be displayed for Zwift activities as those are predicated on being logged with a Garmin device. (you will still get training load in the aggregate - weekly intensity minutes etc)

It is a Fenix watch. Indeed it is strange it doesn’t calculate speed/distance from power data.

Using power alone, how would Garmin know whether a high power means you’re speeding along a flat road or slogging up a steep climb?

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Why not just upload from Zwift to Garmin Connect?

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What trainer do you use?
you can pair that as a speed sensor and it will then show a speed value on you garmin connect logs.

******* MASSIVE CAVEAT ALERT ********

This will not match the speed or distance in zwift - zwift uses your power and then applies this to the game environment (gradient, drafting, weight, height etc) to work out an in game speed - so only do this if you need a speed/distance value for your garmin files to load correctly.

Other question, how did you pair your powermeter to your Fenix? What sensor type did you select? this is where it could lead to some issues.

Uploading Zwift to Garmin won’t do much… It’s taking nothing really into account, as per the Training Effect or the challenges data. Best would be to double record and then merge files with FFRT…

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I have paired it via watch as external sensor. It automatically says now power. Previously I had speed and cadence sensor as well paired but not connected now. This might be an issue and will see if I can remove them from watch although they are not connected.

If I’m reading this correctly and you used to have a speed sensor paired to your watch that’d would’ve given your speed/distance info - but on rollers it’s not going to be very accurate. I’d just sync your Garmin and Zwift accounts together so your rides just upload from Zwift to Garmin Connect and you’ll get all your ride data (speed, distance, elevation, power, etc.).

You can still use the cadence sensor, that’s no issues. The speed sensor would work also because it’s based on the wheel turning, not on gps data. The smart trainer is registered in the Fenix as smart trainer type so it has everything inside. The Fenix would still search for a power meter because the trainer has one but it’s useless to add it. That’s why you need to add your power sensor as a power sensor type. The watch allows you to add sensors as a different type of what they really are…

Remove what you doing have anymore to be sure the watch is not searching for them, even though it is not needed but who knows, and check what’s connected is registered as the proper type. Then should be fine.

And again, just uploading from Zwift will not give you all the data… Would be too easy! Garmin is not taking into account what’s coming from third parties. Only what’s been measured with a Garmin device. So if I’m Zwift you have all you need, but on your Garmin activity not, then you need to merge the files… And reimport the modified fit file into Garmin connect…

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I’m pretty sure Garmin calculates/counts training effect based on uploads from Zwift — at least it works for me!

To be more accurate, I don’t get a separately identified “training effect” data when I look directly at the data for Zwift activities, but Garmin does calculate the exercise load and show the primary benefit in the training status/load data.

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You don’t get training effect as well as nutrition & hydration (eg. est. sweat loss) and respiration rate data for each specific ride.

But the bigger picture data (Training Status, Training Readiness, Cycling Ability, Recovery Time, Acute Load, Exercise Load, Load Focus, Vo2 Max) all takes into account rides uploaded directly from Zwift to GC.


It’s not taking all the metrics… It may show the load and some totals of distance and stuff, but not all metrics are being taken into account. VO2Max for example… Plus also there is a difference between riding and running. So some of the stuff are, some not. That’s why a double recording, for anyone wanting absolutely every metrics, is still required. Challenges are not using third parties data. It’s always a question of what do you really want/need for data.

Plus the fact that the watch is not able to read the smart trainer completely, which is something I can’t understand at all, so the best thing to do for someone totally maniac (like me lol) is to merge both fit files into one to include GPS trace and elevation from Zwift into the garmin double recording.

I agree with almost everything you say, but I definitely get VO2 Max numbers on Garmin from Zwift.

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I also get Cycling Vo2 data. Can you give some specifics on what you don’t get (beyond what I listed above and as you mentioned the challenges)?

You do get VO2 max. for cycling. In fact, as I have no power meter on my outdoor bikes, this is the only way I get VO2 max for cycling.

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You won’t get it for running…

Training Effect and Training Readiness neither. In other topics some other members were in the beginning also stopped double recording but seeing that not everything worked, we all went back to double recording and/or merging fit files. I do get VO2Max for cycling as I lso have no other Powermeter than the smart trainer, but this is coming from the fact I double record though.

But this whole thread has been about cycling not running, you just moved the goal posts.

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And I get it without double recording.

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I agree—double recording isn’t needed to get cycling VO2 max on Garmin.