Garmin Cadence Syncing but not Speed Sensor?


I’ve got a NordicTrack Gx 4.4 Pro spin bike I’m attempting to hook up to Zwift.

When attached to the bike, the Garmin cadence sensor connects right away to my Garmin 735xt but the speed sensor will not register (except for once by fluke so I know the battery is fine. Both cadence & speed sensors are brand new).

Because this spin bike has no crank arm the only place I could attach the sensors was on the pedals loops (see attached pic). Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

Hi @Harrison_Cooke welcome to Zwift forums.
Is it this Garmin speed sensor?

If so, that’s not going to work. That speed sensor’s designed to attach to the hub of an (outdoor) bicycle’s wheel to determine your speed by calculating wheel RPM x tire circumference. Attaching that speed sensor on this exercise bike (even the flywheel) isn’t going to produce a speed that’s usable in Zwift.

There’s not an inexpensive way to make this NordicTrack Zwift-compatible. A pedal-based power meter might be viable, but requires you have cleated cycling shoes to clip into the pedals.