Game Update: Oct 1, 2019

One question: some of us have the front wheel locked in one of those mounts. Fine. Can take it off. But steering the wheel in static floor would do unnecessary rub in the tyre.
Will Zwift get us some sort of slim “rotator” to put on the floor?


Hey Jon how are you all at Zwift?

Thanks for the upgrades/modifications! I love Zwift! I’m improving using it and it makes me very happy

I’d love to be able to chose the groupset I´ll use on the bike.
Shimano or SRAM o Campagnolo. I have no idea how difficult it could be, but it would be great to be able to choose!

Thanks in advance for reading this

Best regards from Colombia

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It would be really nice if, after a ride, there could be an option to save but NOT exit the game on Windows 10 device. I often want to go to my profile, watch another rider, review workout options etc after a rode but I have to exit and restart to so this.

Would also be nice to be able to get to one’s profile to make changes without having to start a ride.

Thank you


If you have Feature Requests please head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea. Your idea may get lost in this topic and it will be a shame if your wonderful idea goes unseen.


Totally agree about wts per kilo. It’s all about how many watts you can push but I’m light 56kgs so my wattage doesn’t look high but my watts per kilo is good. Would like to see this more clear.
Sick of hearing “it’s all about watts” does my head in.

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I have the elite Nero Interactive rollers so turning isn’t an option for me… don’t make it mandatory.

Josh Wellington
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I realy like the new update.
Im gonna get the MTB today.
Is there a list on parts you can get for it and how to get them ?
For all those who search for a plate to turn your frontweel I would trie the Turnable Cheeseplate from Ikea. Maybe it can support the weight.

Nice suggestion, if the Zwift team would actually respond to those requests. Because the most common requests like a shared family account and more flexible training plans have been in the request section for ages without any formal reply from a Zwift spokesperson.

You cannot blame forum users to post those requests in the topics that are actually being used by Zwift employees…

So, nice idea about the steering, but I would be much more content with Zwift if an employee would spend just a couple of hours of their time to actually thoroughly reply on the feature request section to inform us users if these feature requests are actually becoming a roadmap topic for future releases or not.


I would appreciate if personal records for sprints, KOM and rides were left on instead of being only 30 day PR’s.



The language is English so most understand. Everybody here writes in English,?

Love zwift and what your doing. Can you add mountain rides to the places that unlocked at different times during the month?

For what it’s worth,

Dusty Dehare

It’s not giving me the option to go on mountain bike trail.

Read this:

Do you guys have a Demo video of someone at Zwift using the steering? Seems like a lot of stress on the front end trying to steer your bike when it’s stationary.

Darrick Bissell - TFCdarrickbissell

Why hasn’t Zwift changed how we enter races yet? For example, if one is a Cat. A on Zwift power why would they have the functionality to race in the C’s? Each rider should only be able to enter their own category when it comes to races. That would eliminate the sandbagging issues that skew race results.

I merged it to a very popular topic:
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Are the new route achievements for cyclists only? I see a heading for Route Achievements on my Badges screen, but it’s empty.

Thanks Jon, I love the steering feature and mtb - I did notice that when I said no to steering calibration it dumped me back on the road and lost my ride (previous) and set me to 0km. This was on ATV.

Yay finally

Austin Taylor

Please listen to your customers and fix that which has been requested and not things you think is cool to implement I for one will not be using the steering feature as it has no training benefit for me, thank you.