Game Update - December 17th, 2020

I’ve given up hope of this ever being fixed.

You would think it would be the same graph algorithm.

Something is different with gradients on London I think, the elevation total counts in increments of 7 or 8 feet whereas on other maps it goes up 1 foot at a time.

Get some eSports using the London map and they’ll fix it quick enough!


Yeah, I noticed the 7 foot issue, all very odd.

Yesterday and today, when trying to update on the latest, the updater crashes with Z117 code on a Windows 10 system. Followed the suggestion to uninstall, still failed. Uninstalled, deleted all local files, still failed. Uninstalled again, deleted al local files and remove entries from the registry. failed again.


Update Failed during patching. Error Code: Z117 at Line 602 in Patcher.cpp.
Please Contact Zwift Support. Would you like to go to the Zwift Support Page now?

Yes No

No idea what I should do next.

Hi Guys, bit of a weird one, since the last update on PC I’ve been having some bizarre problems with meet-ups , joining late doesn’t seem to work unless you “ride with” a member
And when joining a meet up it doesn’t put me in the holding area , instead I’m free to roam the world in a really weird way???

Anyone else having or have seen these issues

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What’s the new patch for? No OP edit this time.


No update available here?

Here you can see quickly, if there’s an update for your platform.


PC and Mac aren’t usually out of sync, that’s why I was wondering.

Anyway for iOS it says this for 1.0.60639:

Fixed a bug that would cause some users to crash in the pairing screen when other Bluetooth devices were nearby.

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anything else or just the bug fixes?

Can we get higher than Level 50 please and also add a few new Challenges please

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“The Elite Sterzo Smart will now attempt to reconnect if the signal is lost without the user needing to enter the pairing screen.”

Still does not work.
Zwift finds my Sterzo, tries to authorize but then says no signal :thinking:

Please can you make zwift work on ChromeOS!

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According to this article from ZI this week’s update is just about performances to solve issues encountered by lots of participants of the Tour de Zwift.
A more important update with features and fixes is planned for the following weeks of this month.

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Press yes.

Apple Watch pairing seems to work better now since this update. Before was very inconsistent.

After the most recent update (Windows), I could no longer get the start screen but rather went straight into the default world. Clicking on OK in the pairing screen (once) would always just be interpreted as clicking the Ride button on the start screen (I just complained about this in some other thread…).

Also, I could no longer enter a meetup. The Join meetup button flashed quickly on the screen as I entered the world but no longer came up. Re/started the application three times before I thought of rebooting and that fixed both problems, but still. QA, anyone?