Game Update - December 17th, 2020

Do they broadcast HR in Real-Time or do they just periodically sync with an app on a phone?

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Thanks Steve, I remember reading something in the “manual”, I may test the laptop F10 and see if that works. I do use the media functions of those keys for the background music/videos - it started after the Zwift Academy update I think… Would need to check when I actually reported it… But seems I must be in the minority - now I just ride and use the companion app when I want screenshots.

So update and get 3 freezes on lowest resolution putting me 5 minutes off the group. Not WiFi, not ANT connection. New update feature?

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Fixed it.

Reboot, uninstall/re-install does not fix it.

Uninstall, manually delete entire contents of C:\Program Files(x86)\Zwift and then re-install does work.

Seems like a gap somewhere in the update process. But the work around has resolved it.

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I’m not seeing the update. I run Zwift on Android.

Not available yet: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

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Download took about 2 minutes, restart. log in. ride on!
New sections are really cool. Especially the Epic KOM Bypass. It will definitely increase number of riders going back and forth between Jungle and the rest of Watopia. Good job!

Not 100% sure @Paul_Allen, but my Withings Steel HR watch does display my HR during my activity, and it also displays that information on the associated Withings Health Mate app on my iPhone too if I chose to open that whilst exercising (doesn’t need to be open), so it seems to me that it is broadcasting, yes.

If it is broadcasting in Bluetooth in real-time then you would need to disconnect it from your phone AND the Withings App BEFORE starting Zwift. Bluetooth only allows on connection to any device or app at a time (one-to-one connection)


I can see the update in playstore. But it tells me, device isn’t compatible anymore. Last month it was compatible. Now it isn’t. My device has android 10, 3gb ram, enough gb free space and openGL 3.2. It should be enough.

Is anyone seeing crashes in the new update?

17 min ride … Zwift abruptly closes. Another ride … 17 minutes later closes.

Windows 7.

How about some more Cycling Pace Partners, 1.5 for DD up to 2.7 for CC is too big of a gap!!! How about a NEW HUD? How about you can toggle chat on and off with the companion app, how about Avg Speed or Avg Watts for a ride, how about switching routes with out having to end a ride …

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I keep hearing that Zwift is expending all efforts to make Zwift Easier, how can it be any easier?? Smart Trainer and Apple TV or a computer and connect!!!

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ever heard of Peloton bikes?

I’m having the same issue

Did you forget France and Paris?

Titans Grove was a few months later in August I think, but I agree, we waited a long time for new roads in Watopia.

Hi Anton,
I wrote already more times in forum, this is last try - you can always change the world the world and the route with a meetup. Yes, it is a workaround - but our lives are full of workarounds, so I learned to live with it.
Ride on

Connecting to Stages but not reading power. This wasn’t an issue before this update.

The fact that eric can do F10 Screenshots wheres many others around the world can’t might be the timezone his computer is running at. I‘ve got this problem as well and the file not found error you all will find in the logfile makes me think, this has something to do with the timestamp in the filename not matching the computer‘s time. Just a guess but not investigated any further. I am currently using Companion App for Screenshots even if it‘s a pain in the a**. Please Zwift: Fix it soon!!!

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