Game Update - December 17th, 2020

Oh wow now I can exit and restart the app 4 times to ride the 4 new routes. Maybe someday my kids can change routes without exiting. What a joke


It’s always nice to hear so new updates, however I still wonder why us minority are not considered in these updates, we been requesting for such a long time to updates the country flags that are not active in the game. We are such a drop in the ocean that Zwift guys won’t even bother replying to our posts. It such heart breaking seeing other flags represented and you being there with a grey star flag, I wonder what other rider think when they see that generic flag… “ hum, interesting flag, I wonder what country is that!!! Let ask Google… Google: What a grey flag with a grey star flag From??? Google: Searching… Still searching… two day later… Not Found, try again later…


While free riding up the Epic Kom after crossing the suspension bridge I was unable to turn right on the new 2.7 km road, I could see the turn sign but it wouldn’t highlight. I went by and tried coming back still the same could not turn.

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I hopped on after the update at 8:30 pm pdt, windows 10 laptop that’s about 4 years old and not optimized for Zwift.

Ran fine in full screen mode no crashing.

Good morning. So where is it? What’s the version number? Need it for my Apple TV 4k

Here is the link: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

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iOS and ATV users are still waiting for Apple to approve the update. This can sometimes take a day, or two, after the update is released by Zwift.

What Wes said

I’m pretty sure the fire tv stick doesn’t have any processing power which is needed for Zwift

Si lo que te pasa es que te saca de los eventos nada más terminar y no te guarda los datos puedes solucionarlo poniendo el idioma en inglés
Como solución provisional funciona.

Thanks to the Zwift Graphic designers. It is nice to have a few more Route options to keep us busy during the Festive500. Having multiple turn options helps to keep it interesting.


Appreciate the communication on the goals of the new routes!

On that note I would like to express the desire for more short/medium (10-20km) routes with decent elevation gain. As an enduro MTB rider I would love to have more routes that can be completed over the duration of a standard workout that let me climb 300-400m.

Seems like overall there are either totally flat routes or monumental climbs, but not a lot available in the middle area unless riders are navigating the whole way(which is hard to do unless you have a deep understanding of the elevation profiles on the map). As an alternative, perhaps a view of the elevation profile with the routes (as strava or trailforks would display) could help riders find this more easily.

Serpentine 8 route was cool though, definitely want to recognize that (despite not knowing when I was approaching the end of it - ~7km more than expected)


Would be great if you could support Withings Steel HR and other Withings HR watches to allow Bluetooth pairing for HR monitoring in Zwift. I am a frequent user and this would make the experience just that little bit better!! Great stuff though Zwift. Love it! :+1:


Do they broadcast HR in Real-Time or do they just periodically sync with an app on a phone?

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Thanks Steve, I remember reading something in the “manual”, I may test the laptop F10 and see if that works. I do use the media functions of those keys for the background music/videos - it started after the Zwift Academy update I think… Would need to check when I actually reported it… But seems I must be in the minority - now I just ride and use the companion app when I want screenshots.

So update and get 3 freezes on lowest resolution putting me 5 minutes off the group. Not WiFi, not ANT connection. New update feature?

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Fixed it.

Reboot, uninstall/re-install does not fix it.

Uninstall, manually delete entire contents of C:\Program Files(x86)\Zwift and then re-install does work.

Seems like a gap somewhere in the update process. But the work around has resolved it.

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I’m not seeing the update. I run Zwift on Android.

Not available yet: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

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Download took about 2 minutes, restart. log in. ride on!
New sections are really cool. Especially the Epic KOM Bypass. It will definitely increase number of riders going back and forth between Jungle and the rest of Watopia. Good job!