Game Update - August 6th, 2020

Praying for you @shooj should this release go sour for whatever reason.

Thanks Mike. I use Wahoo tickr so that take up my other Bluetooth spot. I guess my next question is can I pair H3 and Tickr through ATV then the steering unit through comparison app? Is that a thing, using 2 pairing routes? I never use the companion app so I am not familiar with it.

Not too keen on the steering and having to pay for another piece of equipment but still lots of good things that were released, keep them coming.



Tacx Smart Flow @gloscherrybomb & @Steve_Hammatt

Cheap but not necessarily nasty :wink:

See TACX FLOW SMART? POWER DROP? Try this fix for the solution to your problem.

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I’m curious if the Tacs Neotrack will also be supported.
The Neotrack has an ANT + connection.

Correct, for the new steering device you would need to have the front wheel on your bike.

Not for at least a year. Elite have an exclusivity agreement with Zwift until April for a start.

In a year!, It probably won’t happen.
Tacx / Garmin no longer has it in the shop,
it is still available elsewhere such as: bicycle shops and web shops.

I agree- would like to see an update that addresses more of the long standing issues users have raised. Return of the fence is a start but it seems more development effort is being spent on what I would call nonsensical features.

I think if you want to steer, take your bike outside. And the pacer bots in my view takes away from the main design principle of Zwift - riding with real people.

Seems like Zwift keeps investing development effort in everything but the main experience of using Zwift.


Clearly people have different priorities … and there’s no right or wrong there.

I think that if you want to ride up and down hills, take your bike outside. I think that if you want to ride with other people, take your bike outside. I think that if you want to race, take your bike outside. /s

All those are just as valid as “if you want to steer, take your bike outside.”

Being in control of your position on the road, being in control of drafting, is something that people have asked for. Ongoing group riding with bot leaders is something that people have asked for. for a long time – along with personal best bots, which this feature may bring a step closer to realization.


I think steering is overly gimmicky and lacks realism on a stationary bike. I don’t think the same can reasonably be said about hills or group rides in Zwift.

Pacer bots in my view starts taking Zwift away from the core reason it exists in the first place and key competitive differentiator - a community of real cyclists.

Zwift development seems to lack focus and chase random whims rather then focus on the dna of the brand. That’s a common pitfall of young companies- they try to be all things to all people and end up delivering mediocre and half baked features.

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I think steering is overly gimmicky and lacks realism on a stationary bike.

Surely the same could have been said about the earliest versions of turbo trainers? Yet now (because developers kept pushing the envelope) we have smart trainers and entire virtual worlds for indoor cycling/training. Why wouldn’t the same evolution occur regarding steering? If I don’t want to use steering, I certainly don’t have to.

Pacer bots in my view starts taking Zwift away from the core reason it exists in the first place

For many people, the essence of Zwift is tolerable indoor training, not simply social group riding (although even for them, the latter is likely a welcome bonus). Motorpacing has long been a component of serious IRL training, and I see no reason why pacer bots can’t fill the virtual role of motor pacing.


Pacer bots should promote group rides always being available at a specific effort.

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It can absolutely be said. Climbing lacks realism unless you buy a Kickr Climb for example. Going up Alpe du Zwift does not feel like riding up Alpe d’Huez. My position on the bike is completely different.

Heck, even just riding my bike lacks realism since it doesn’t move under me. Can I rag it from side to side in a sprint? Nope!

Group rides lack realism for all sorts of reasons. One of them being that I can’t control my position in the group. I can’t brake. I can’t steer. Until now.

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I’m having major issues since the update. Serious drop outs and no longer able to have two devices going. Is there a fix to this?? Can no longer have my campion App and Screen. Must now just use phone. How can I get the old software back?

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Disaster so far with the new update
Power is all over the place ie resistance increases on downhills. Today I can’t even use Zwift as it says my trial period has ended even though I’m subscribed till sept 9th. Sort it out

Why are you guys not letting us to ride all the courses? After all we are paying customekUK l7lms.


I just don’t get how the UI still exists in its current state. How is this still a thing when you’re advertising all these advancements and technology, when your user interface is universally derided.

It’s 2020 and you still have to start a ride to edit your loadout and COMPLETELY EXIT to start a new ride.

2020! It’s mind blowing that this is still a thing and it should be embarrassing for Zwift, you’ve got virtual Tour de France races with professional riders and even they have to suffer this completely silly user experience.