Game Update - April 21st, 2021

See Steering mode stopped working [v1.12.0] [April 2021] [SOLVED]

After this update, my ERG suffered sticky wattage during workout, sudden HR ANT+ drop followed by my trainer lockup without reason.

Just this morning, the HUD hide feature decided to give me a visual display by switching on and off automatically for nearly a minute during a grpup ride I led…

First ever time a series of hiccups occuring after an update…

Running Zwift off a MacBook and I’m definitely noticing the graphics are very choppy and annoying since the update as others have noted; I love zwift and it’s as close as I can get to “IRL” while being virtual. But this laggy/choppy graphics makes me not want to look at the screen. They have to fix this.

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This happened during part of a free ride yesterday. I even tried force quitting and restarting the Companion app, which didn’t work. And oddly, towards the end of my ride, the ride on circle reappeared in the Companion app.

My wife and I are running NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GPU’s connected to gaming monitors via Display Port with the following settings: 2560x1440, 144hz (monitor can go to 165hz), GSync enabled. Prior to the 4/21 update we were enjoying our Zwifting experience - incredible detail and smooth graphics. That all changed with the 4/21 update. Now when we go to ride all the rider avatars are flickering from being solid to being semi-transparent where you can see items (bikes, scenery, other riders) through the avatars. This is incredibly annoying, so much so that my wife cut her first post 4/21 upgrade ride short because she was getting a headache. I tried using the NVIDIA Control Panel to change the refresh rates to see if this (helped - 165hz and 144hz are about the same, 120hz was even worse, when I throttled all the way back to 60hz the riders were still flickering - just not as fast. I even rebooted my cable modem and router to make sure there wasn’t a problem with our network connection and that didn’t help (we are getting 914mbps download and 44mbps upload). At this point I figured I would do a video capture to send to Zwift Tech Spt so I brought up the Xbox Control Panel (Win-G). As soon as I started recording the flickering stopped and the avatars behaved as expected, they even continued to behave normally after I stopped recording. I tested this a couple of times by restarting Zwift, entering a ride (riders were flickering), bringing up the Xbox controls and starting/stopping a recording (riders stopped flickering). We now have to do this at the start of every ride but it seems to hold for the entire ride. One note: I reset our monitors to 144hz and this workaround still works. I wish I could roll back to the pre-4/21 update so we don’t have to do this workaround every time we ride.

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This is the launcher problem I’ve posted about. See here: Flickering graphics caused by launcher version or integrated GPU?

And check your PMs.


First ride since the 23rd of March. Updated last night and rode the ToW this morning. I’ve got The Dreaded Launcher Flicker too, dammit. i7-6700k, GTX1660Ti with an LG Gaming monitor. Wasn’t doing this before I left…

Minor issue, here. The white circle for multiple RideOns has vanished from workouts and free rides. I haven’t led a ride since the update so I don’t know if it affects Event Leaders, too.

I really did look through the string but I hit my TL;DR level at about 75 posts/replies.

The rest of the update including the clear screen is solid.

AppleTV with Ethernet to our internet Gateway. Companion installed on an iPhone XR on the same WiFi and Apple Networks.


Please add your voice (and vote) to this thread - PUs aren‘t random anymore

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since this update ANT+ stopped workin properly. First full restart after, nothin ANT+ -related was workin at all.
→ checked for dongle working correctly: done

  • restarted zwift:
    • trainer recognized, but fairly unstable connection
    • HRM only found at third attempt. then it conected. though the HR went straight up to 243 → absolutely note useable atm

hope you can fix this soon!!!

kind regards,

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Can’t say it’s 100% but the white ride on circle in companion was available to me as red beacon on last nights Herd Doughnut Ride and was showing during the after party in free ride mode.

But it does appear something is going on as multiple posts from users not seeing the option anymore. Guess we will have to wait for an official response from Zwift

I rode the Road to Sky yesterday, and the ride on circle showed up in the companion app somewhere between turn 21 and 20. It was not there for the lead in through the Jungle.

Ooooh, I didnt know that.
I did notice, that I always receive a lot of worthless xp’s. Who needs xp’s???

I’ve posted twice or more in that thread and have sent an email to support.

Sorry @Federico_Cribiore, I didn’t see that you’d already posted in that thread.

So lessee how we did with this Bugdate:

  1. Stuttering video for most of us running higher resolution and frame rate
  2. Steering stopped working
  3. RideOn button on Companion is spotty
  4. Leaderboard is problematic at times (had the entire field at 0:00 behind and in front of me for most of the Tour of Watopia events I did yesterday.
  5. Some people are still having trouble logging on.
    So, about par for the course…
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No big buddy

Mine is stuttering so bad I only see the riders and bikes less than half the time. Today during a 30 minute workout it quit recording data from my Kickr and the time stopped also. I didn’y ride over the weekend, but I installed last week and after the install it was pretty much worthless to use.

Still stuttering here too, absolutely fine before this update.
Please sort this ASAP Zwift.

I rode London today, the graphics were ok until I started going up Leith Hill and they were awful, stuttering to the point that my avatar was flashing on and off.