Game Update - April 21st, 2021

The enforced new launcher is notably less smooth during the game on PC.

A post describing the Hide Display mode in a little more detail is here.


To be transparent: the new launcher app included with 1.12.0 was developed before the Error 400/403 bug came up recently, so it does not specifically fix that bug. We’re still working on it, and if you are running into that, please join us on this thread.


Doesn’t appear to be on the Google Play store as of yet? Last update shows Mar 20, 2021

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■■■ I hope so, had to totally uninstall & reinstall a couple of days ago because of this.

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Android / iOS / Apple TV versions have not dropped yet. Keep an eye on the What’s the Latest Version thread, where we announce when it has.


Thank you very much for giving details of exactly what has been fixed. Rather that just saying ‘bug fixes’


Just to confirm, this update does not address the known Intel integrated graphics game-freeze bug, correct? Is there any timeline on a fix for this?


Thanks for all the work going into this platform. :raised_hands:


Cannot get runs to sync with Strava/Apple fitness.

Thanks so much for the hide/unhide toggle! I can keep up with stats on the companion app on the handlebars and enjoy the scenery around me in Zwift worlds. Simple difference, perhaps, but it’s a big leap towards the experience in the bike, in this regard. Cheers!


Is there plans to bring this to iOS and Android in the future?
It’s happened to me once a month ago where I lost the ride due to a WiFi issue.
So if it fails to upload, I can restarted the router, and try the upload again.

Update is very laggy on my older MacBook that used to be fine.


My PC running windows 10 won’t run Zwift after this update. It worked fine before. It say that the server isn’t responding and the page cannot be found. :frowning:


See here: Internal Server Error 400 / 403 (Clear your browser) - #184 by Dave_ZPCMR

Always grateful for updates but a bit sad that workouts don’t get the hide hud option :frowning: if the companion is active then I can see what I need to see, free riding will be much nicer though without the hud


Thank you. A great option for users, however, I would like to be able to see watts/kg next to the watts and HR display


I downloaded the update (Mac OS), and Zwift now won’t load for me. The launch screen remains blank other than the word Forbidden, and it doesn’t get past that. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a clean version but the problem persists. Any advice? This is the first time I’ve not had a successful update…

Hi @Ronan_Mac_Con_Iomair welcome to Zwift forums.

This issue’s been reported for a week prior to today’s v1.12.0 release. Please join us on this thread for workarounds that have resolved this for most players.


When this update was pushed through. I was in the middle of a ride and for some reason it did not save my ride. Cannot see on companion app either. I have a windows 10 machine I use zwift on.