Game Update 1.64 [April 2024]

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Shadows…love 'em.


My Elite Sterzo will connect but will no longer steer, can’t seem to update it, if needed, in elite upgrado app. on android…

help please !!

Not true. I’ve commented on the shadows positively before. The little smudge is easily ignored. Stop concentrating on the minutiae and notice instead, how good the “projected” shadows have become. There are better things to prioritize than fixing a tiny blemish. How about new roads, for example? Or a garage organizer? A fire breathing dragon patrolling Ven Top would be nice…

Can you please add the Queens Highway After Party to the event list please.
The other three new routes can be recon’d but that one we cant pick in events and I would like to try the route before the ZRacing starts on Monday.

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but they haven’t? Nothing is different there.

It’s a good thing, or it’s not good but it’s easily ignored? This is not about the projected shadows which are fine (and unchanged) and the rest of your comment is totally irrelevant.

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Downloaded the update. Now today on my group ride I lead the companion app will join the ride for a minute and then disconnect over and over again. I can say hi and then disconnect. I have closed the app and reopened with no luck.

I didn’t get my streak bonus at the end of the first ride after update?

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Dude… Universally disliked or not… Zwift universally doesn’t care about negative feedback ! They do what they like and don’t care at all.


It doesn’t show the streak screen after every ride now, only once a week.

Hi @Brian_Ward ! I took a look at your recent logs and I’m seeing the battery level on your Sterzo jump around quite a bit, although all of the numbers are fairly low. You may want to change those batteries out for fresh ones, or at least double check that your batteries are seated properly and the battery door is not loose. Our Support team will be happy to investigate this further if you’re still unable to pair afterwards.

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Queens Highway After Party is one of those routes that becomes problematic if event organizers try to set it up as a multi-lap event. Please request it by emailing and our Event team will sort you out!

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at that. In the interim it was suggested I try a fresh install of Zwift on the P.C. and this worked. Thanks again.

There is also an update for the controllers. Perhaps that what it’s causing it

There are a few after party routes like that which are pretty well known by organisers that it can be very random what happens after the banner but it would be still good if we had access to choose the routes in the web portal to save bothering events team.

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Hi All! Whatever happened to the promised update to Apple Watch functionality as a heart rate monitor on Zwift? I use the Companion App and Apple TV as my Zwift set-up and my Apple Watch Ultra 2 is still unusable as a heartrate monitor on Zwift because it is so unreliable. This is crazy IMO considering that the Apple Watch is the most used heartrate monitoring device in the world and it’s accuracy as a heart rate device when cycling is essentially as accurate as a chest strap…as verified by numerous rigorous studies


He’s always a negative Nancy.