Game Update 1.53 [November 2023]

there’s certainly enough space on your screen to show a bit more information if they want :wink:

Everyone please note that the pairing issue with Zwift Click shift controllers has been fixed in v 1.53.2.
Phased rollout will resume today on Windows / macOS / Android.
Phased rollout for iOS / tvOS will begin tomorrow.


@Martin_Skapa Thanks for reporting this! I’ve routed it to the team (and confirmed I have the same experience on my Mac).

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Howdy folks!
Please note that phased rollout for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV has begun, and Windows and Mac rollout continues.


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I don’t find my training peaks anymore? Normaly it’s under custom but it isn’t. Any clue? Thx in advance

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The new workout screen offers very little information. Is it possible to display block length and watts when I hover over it with the mouse? Just like the old workout screen.


I think @shooj said this would be coming back in 1.54 but I could be wrong

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Why display setting roams between PC/laptops? I have laptop for HD and dedicated TV for running and
second setup 4K for cycling. Every time I change discipline I must change from ULTRA 4K to 720p for running and back from 720p to 4k for cycling. This is wrong.


Game version 1.53 is available to all OS platforms.

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i am about to ride, i will look for new bugs today. i hope it 0 new bugs. @shooj

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Yesterday I had my first two rides ever on the zwift hub, today the zwift click has repeatedly no signal, in particular loses connection when entering a course.

promised to fix legacy plans. you haven’t done it yet. will you do it?

I’m a macOS user (m1 max Macbook pro), and since I’ve downloaded the latest update, the app only works fine up to the login page. Then, when it automatically redirects to the Paired Devices, it takes ages for the page to load; it has an extra laggy frame rate and crashes a couple of times.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 19.03.46

It’s stuck here

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I could pair last night but it would say it lost connection. I eventually updated the firmware on my Suito-T and rode Volcanic Climb fine. Not sure if it was the rollback or my firmware. This was all between 6:00PM and 7:00PM CST. Rode fine from 7:00 to 7:30ish

Hi @P_Martins welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Check in the game’s Settings menu to see if Video Screenshots in enabled. If so - try turning it off and seeing if that helps your framerate once you drop into the game.

If that does not - you might want to try deleting everything Zwift-related on your laptop and re-install. This is more through than the usual macOS Uninstall process. Instructions are here.

When you manually download the latest game version from, it will include the latest version of the Zwift Launcher app v 1.1.11 which just went live. More info on Launcher 1.1.11 here

Good news, Jamie is correct. Tool tips (block lengths and watts) will be returning in 1.54.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, the issue wasn’t related to the in-game framerate but I couldn’t pass the Device Pairing screen. There was a patch downloaded today and that seemed to resolve the problem.

Losing connection to power and heart rate.

The displayed watts seem to vary much more than on the previous release, ERG mode keeps disconnecting.

I am using a Wattbike Atom and have been connecting using Ant+.

Going to switch to bluetooth to see if it is any better.

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