Game Update 1.53 [November 2023]

Haven’t had the update but everyone is showing as n valid

I joined a normal free ride and tried to port to pace partner - just stuck on locating PP then error saying it can’t find the destination.

Seems like the pace partners and rider names are back to normal now.

I joined a race 50 minutes ago and everyone was N.VALID and in default kit and bike. And there were no pace partners. And doing a free ride after the race everyone was still N.VALID.

But just checking now and it’s back to normal.

UPDATE November 21
We are aware of reports that Zwift Click can not be selected in the Pairing Screen using game version 1.53.

We are pausing the phased rollout of game version 1.53 to investigate this bug. If you’re having this issue, please join us on this dedicated thread.

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Came back 3/4 of the way in wtrl, shambolic really

UPDATE November 21

  • We have rolled back the release of game version 1.53.0.
  • The latest version available to Zwifters is v1.52.2 (for Windows only) and 1.52.0 (all other OS platforms).

Those who received 1.53.0 today will notice you’ve been rolled back on 1.52.x in a few hours’ time…

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UPDATE November 21

  • We have released v1.53.1 for Android only.
  • v. 1.52.2 is the latest for Windows.
  • v 1.52.0 is the latest for all other OS platforms.
  • We have have found a fix and are now testing.
  • We’ll resume the release next week after the US Thanksgiving holiday.
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What I always find strange is two PC’s, one a laptop the other a desktop, in the same house don’t update together. Am sure there’s a technical reason, I just don’t know what it is.

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did you fix the legacy workouts?
won’t you fix them?

I’m guessing they’ll have some sort of algorithm that calculates a number based on your machine hardware, updates will only be applied to machines with a number in a certain range. Over time that range will be gradually expanded. Meaning not everyone will be affected if there’s a problem, as we’ve seen with this update.
Or something like that :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s pretty much random…Zwift probably applies an ID to each machine and then some algorithm works out if you get it or not on a particular day. It’s not based on your user account.

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was there any response/explanation to the issues last night or are they being glossed over like normal?


As mentioned by Shuji in Zwift Click can't pair? [1.53] [November 2023] and earlier in this thread, we detected a potential issue early in the 1.53 release where Click controllers could not be paired in some situations. Erring on the side of caution, we paused the rollout and rolled back to the previous version for the small group of Zwifters who had received it. After the rollback, we fixed the issue internally which is currently being tested, and we’re planning to resume the 1.53 rollout early next week after the US holiday.

I’m referring to n valid and everyone in orange jerseys where there were no pace partners, most us hadn’t had the update when this happened

OK, I thought is was a regional thing, but, thinking about it, you’re probably right, it would make sense to spread it around within regions as well as by region

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Pretty sure that is a backend failure, not related to the client software, if its cause is the same as the last time I saw it more than a year ago.


No doubt it was a server issue but not a single mention of it by zwift so far, and multiple reports of it and posts in this forum, which impacted their Premier race series seems strange, all that’s needed is a post saying what went wrong and why… Not asking for much really seeing as hundreds of users were impacted and no robo pacers being available

Hi, my steering og Tacx smart neo bike is parred and the symbol for steering is showing in the game when i bike. But its not working longer. Work 4 days ago. Using Apple tv and beta firmware 4.5.0 om the bike. Just stop working for 4 days ago still its connected and symbol is shown in the game Window when i bike.
What to do?

Could we get the ride on bomb indicator, when used with the controllers for the ride leader, above the on-screen fence info please?

I tried the Repack Rush today and the leaderboard with results is a bit narrow. Therefore, there is no space to show longer name or time when the result was achieved (think normal leaderboards on segments which show your PRs and text like “10 minutes ago”, “2 days ago” etc.).

Not sure if it is a bug or it was designed that way intentionally. Any chance to make it wider and add the time information?

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