I’ve just finished doing a custom workout and something odd happened in the last 10 mins of the session.

Every single rider bar 1 was in the same orange kit, with the name N Valid, their names weren’t showing in the data panel, but distance and w/kg was.

Is that a Zwift glitch or something my end on the Apple TV?

sounds like you may have lost a network connection, did the ride save ok? Is it showing up in your companion app as completed, or uploaded to strava, other 3rd parties?

just saw this in the update thread, looks like it wasn’t just you

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Yeah, it saved ok which was lucky after a threshold session :smile:

Good to know it was Zwift wide.

was a server side issue as it was happening for many users and for 34 of the wtrl race i was in


Had the same problem around the same time so not just you; Lots of N.Valid ! Also watts displayed on screen were really slow to update to match my pedalling. Almost as if the server went into ‘limp’ mode

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