Game Update 1.47 [August 2023]

Not yet for everyone, but plan to on September 12
When we do a staged rollout - we’re watching for telemetry for performance metrics. Before we turn on a change of this magnitude, we want to make sure it’ll be a great experience for you.


ZwiftAppSilcon is still not working with the Zwift Launcher. It will work after Set 12th.

You have to manually launch it going to :~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/ then select and execute ZwiftAppSilicon from there.

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if you right navigate to Users>(username)>Library>Application Support>Zwift then the ZwiftAppSilicon is in there and can be launched.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 17.20.47

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Oops, yeah, you are right. I have the ‘tweak’ to ‘force’ the Ultra profile, but haven’t tried it. I thought that it only allowed shadows and headlight effects. which I am seeing fine now. (So glad I bought the M2, just saying)

EDIT: Um, or does the tweak adjust the resolution. Yeah, it is a bit confusing.

I am running the ZwiftAppSilicon since 1.46 without the slightest problem. It needs to be launched from your home folder/Library/Application Support/Zwift and requires login every time.


We strongly advise against starting Zwift in this way, and getting into the habit of bypassing the launcher. One of the launcher app’s functions is to check if a new version of the game app is available. Getting in the habit of bypassing the launcher is how Zwifters end up using outdated game versions and wondering why things they’re supposed to see are missing.

Additionally - the latest Launcher app v1.1.10 has the new Defer Update button, which is handy, long-requested feature.


Hi @shooj and team - Thanks for all that you do to improve the game and keep us informed. I’m on a 2022 MacBook Air with M2. When I start any kind of ride, camera 1 view looks normal. If I then go into my garage and switch anything about my avatar or equipment, camera 1 view pulls way in close, almost like camera 2 view. I know this issue has come up before and has been resolved before. This has been happening for me now for over a month. I’m happy to share screenshots if that’d be helpful, although I know there are a half dozen or so other posts that contain these images with the same issue. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

Free my 32 GPU Cores! Done. I can’t wait to see the high framerate and shadows tomorrow! Now we just need the ultra graphics profile… Not sure if my 32 GPU cores can handle it…

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I was only repeating info shared elsewhere. Did it myself today just to see how it ran on my Mac Studio. Happy to wait for the official rollout. Was just a little impatient.

What file do you need to tweak for the ultra graphics profile?

It was posted on a different thread here about a month ago. I downloaded it, and have to try to find it now. I got confused by the resolution v profile issue. I wish I remembered what thread it was. Someone here might know, or have it to repost.

If I find it I’ll repost it. I guess I DO need it after all…

I don’t think you can tweak your way to Ultra but you can enable some higher profile features and see how they work on your hardware. This is pretty old info but it might help you start. You’ll need to know which profile you are currently on (find out via zwiftalizer). You can then search the forum for the name of the config file to find more discussion.

There is a moon? Ooh…


At last we get improved moon appearance! :slightly_smiling_face: j/k

Would be wonderful to be able to use custom goal (distance) again in Zwift run
And support for mouse wheel up/down when scrolling the list of ride ons and achievements after a zwift session. Works on all other pages, like browsing frames, wheels etc

Not complaining, just suggesting. Appreciate your good work very much!

Sorry for the questions but (1) does the mac zwift app update automatically to the native version and (2) is the app on apple tv native already or also a intel version?

Yes it will update automatically when the release is assigned to you (currently in a random rollout).

All other Apple platforms already have a native build.

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I wouldn’t count on it

@Chris_Holton What should be wrong with that moon?

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Performance is still very poor with video screenshots turned on. Related note, can small mp4 uploads be turned on for the forums for bug reporting?

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And a galaxy…