Game Update 1.42 [June 2023]

Definitely need names. Especially when we’re seeing the current w/kg which can be confusing.


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I just rode and I’m getting the same on the mini map
I’m also getting black squares again but not on dirt , it’s when there is confetti

I hope this gets seen

the camera choice on fanview seems rather broken no matter what camera i choose it seems to rotate the view.

We have a fix going out in the next release that aims to further mitigate these black squares issues - thank you for reporting this.

on Fan view it doesn’t matter what view setting you choose, it just keeps rotating through all the views.

I thought that was happening the other day. Bit annoying.

Another patch pulled through in the Launcher however the startup-screen shows the same version and build numbers as before 1.42.0 113138… Curious what’s changed.

Sometimes you may briefly see the “Updating…” message in the launcher after we “finalize” the rollout on our end - this is just the launcher checking local files to make sure nothing is out-of-date, and there are no changes to the game.

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@evan-zwift i think this was it Launcher 1.1.9 for PC / Mac [June 2023]

Correct that Zwift Launcher 1.1.9 is available for download on the Zwift website but we haven’t rolled it out for existing users yet (that will happen alongside a future game update), so existing users won’t see that as an update at this time.

Apologies if it’s noted elsewhere but……

Drone Cam (Zero on PC Keyboard) doesn’t get listed on the new UI. Then if you do use it by accessing via the keyboard trying to pan (Left, Right, Up, Down) with the arrows it moves the UI curser as well as the camera.

I quite liked using the Drone Cam, would be a shame to lose it?!..…

Yep, been noted elsewhere many many times. Fix on route.

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Hm…this is a departure from the messaging we received previously.

So, I’ve done this a few times now. Result is I get a ride name that’s simply saved with the date of the ride.

Of note: I did multiple teleports - Miguel to Bernie and back - so perhaps there’s a cap to the number of teleport jumps before it just genericizes the name.

Spot-on Doug.

One of the reasons I created the Resource Wiki, and associated troubleshooting guides, was my perception a lot of complaints could be eliminated if people followed some predictable rules. (things like “force close the ATV Zwift app after every session”)

I’m glad that you are willing to accept, and pay for less.

About 3 updates ago, a feature/function of Zwift was effectively destroyed. Sure, for people that don’t use that function, they won’t miss it. For someone who primarily uses that function, and ‘depends’ on that function, their world just radically changed.

I think the ‘thumpers’ need to stop beating on ‘the complainers’, and realize they have a distorted view of reality. I’m happy everything is roses for you. I don’t begrudge people having no issues with Zwift, I just wish those people could pull their head out of their ‘privilege’ and realize that Zwift is more than people just doing what they are doing.

That kind of ‘attack’ is being used across societies there days to shame and beat down people saying ‘what happened’, and ‘it used to be better’.

My use of Zwift for workouts was supported and a surprising number of members used Zwift nearly the same way I did. I was surprised to find out I wasn’t a minority.

So unless Zwift wants to drop that function, I will continue to say that it’s not working LIKE IT DID before that one update, and ask that it be fixed/restored.

So people, stop feeling sorry for the Zwift support people. They do a vital job to help Zwift be better. Yes, constant complaining isn’t necessarily productive, but it does feel like the problem that is effecting your use of the app (that worked perfectly earlier!) is getting ignored in successive updates. Also people complaining do need to perhaps dial it down a little too.

But the complainers, the people waiting for features of Zwift that have disappeared and changed for the worse are important to the present and future of Zwift.

We ALL ride Zwift for different reasons, and need to support each other.

Zwift is brilliant. It also used to be better for some members. So perhaps I’m missing something as I haven’t spent quite a bit of time reading this forum, but the whiners and complainers are just as important as those that accept everything, or don’t use an of the other features of Zwift.

Ride on!!!


Hate to keep mentioning it, but scrolling in Custom Workout sub-groups still doesn’t work. Well, if you open ANY sub-window in the Custom Workout screen, you can’t scroll in the sub-window, but can in the main window with none of the sub-groups open, or if the window shows the titles of workout categories, and as soon as you hit a sub-group, the app hits the brakes.

Hey Robert - it sounds like you’re having trouble scrolling on the old workout selection UI that still launches before starting your activity. That screen has historically had a number of navigational issues, and the team is currently working on deprecating it. You can expect to see this sub-window replaced with a new UI in the next few game releases. Appreciate you flagging this issue.

Please check this bug which is present in the current game version on Android:

Details in this channel.

So, did they stop supporting the old system, and hope that people would hang around for the new system? It broke a few updates ago, and it’s making it hard to keep coming back. Just saying…

And sure, it has had issues, but it usually always ended up working. Just saying… Can’t wait to see the new hotness. Not all change is bad.

Thanks for the acknowledgement.