Game Update 1.42 [June 2023]

The roll outs are done over a couple of days so you’re not waiting weeks compared to others.
And a priority system is too divisive.

Should priority be given to…

Longest members
Highest mileage members
Those running devices affected by bugs
Those who race

Far too many variables.

Had you have got the update first would you have complained?

Being random means next update you might get it first.


Randomness is actually an essential operational factor of this incremental rollout process. Our goal is to catch unexpected, serious issues earlier in a rollout (thus minimizing blast radius), and by using randomness, we remove selection bias and ensure we get an effective mix of players, devices, and environments.

Edit: I should also clarify that our incremental release process typically completes over a period of 48 calendar hours (excluding weekends). If you aren’t getting updates until weeks later, please do let us know as that is very unexpected and unintended.


Got it yesterday :grinning:
Have been looking forward for this Teleport feature, and it did not disappoint. Pretty smooth! If anything, the teleport menu doesn’t show any names, just anonymised “join a pp at 2.7w/kg” instead of e.g “Join Coco at…” I know them by name and have my favourites at each level so thought maybe the name would be better? Great feature anyway!


Release of Zwift v1.42 is complete. Please update at your earliest convenience.

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Is it just my coffee break that is 30secs the whole time? Even after 30mins of riding it is still 30secs. After another 30mins of riding and I can take a coffee break it still only 30secs. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, same thing…

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Q: Repack Rush, do I need a steering device or still use a mashed up device with my iPhone on the bars to steer? Also, is there a spawn point closer to Repack?

Yes you need a device like a sterzo or the new Zwift Play controllers. The phone mounted to the handle bars is no longer supported due to poor experiences with certain makes and models of phones.

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Lost pretty much all resistance since the update, running a zwift hub. Have tried reconnecting, connection via companion app rather than Bluetooth direct from mac have reinstalled zwift, have turned erg off and on a few times and tried different routes, training sessions to hoping it would adjust/ calibrate. I’ve increased trainer difficultly to max I’ve changed ftp but unfortunately to no avail. Any ideas or suggestions welcome. I’ve only been using zwift a few weeks and completely gutted this has happened!

Love the wave especially as a ‘bye not gonna to keep this go harder with you and ‘have fun storming the castle!’ Also if passing group the other direction (e.g., Tempus Fugit) I’ll wave and maybe few if any will see it but fun.

I’m a pretty experience zwifter (::Tim … yes …. I know yes :wink: :: and I didn’t realize until very recently the wave was always available in the action bar but NOT always in the companion app (just fyi if you facepalmed just now like I did when I realized it). I’ll look if someone asked as a feature request (always available in companion app) in the appropriate forum for that.

Is there a badge for repack rush?

No. (Not at the moment, at least.)

@Alex_O_Sullivan Welcome to the forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here I see that you also emailed my Support colleagues. We’re going to follow up with you via email.

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Can confirm there is no route completion badge for Repack Rush. Accordingly, there is no green / grey checkbox for it on the Watopia route list.

Hi @BobG Yes - the Windows rollouts were completed just a bit after you posted your question.

At this point, you can also download from and install manually.

I’ll 2nd that idea.


Mesh networks do seem to cause issues. Can you connect directly to your WiFi router?

Hello. I was just wondering if pace partner momentum was also fixed? Because sometimes i have to do 2+ wkg just to keep up with the Miguel whos supposed to ride at 1.8 wkg. Plus when hes going downhill he got so much momentum that i even need to do 4+ wkg sometimes to stay with him. Not to mention that if he drops you on the way downhill sometimes you’re not even able to catch up on him.

Im using Wahoo kickr bike gen2 so i know that my trainer is not a problem.


Hi mate are you riding with a TT bike in game? This would mean 0 draft and would take alot more effort to stay with the bunch downhills. Any standard road bike in your zwift garage and you shouldn’t need to put out so much power while with the Robos

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Hello. Thanks for the reply.

No. Im using Tron bike. And im not the only one with this problem. So many of my friends also have it/noticed it. And some has been here since the beginning on zwift.

It’s just weird because ever since the new visual update came out for the pace partners we all have this problem. Now i would completely understand if there was only me who’s having this issue but there are many other people as well.

And it’s weird that none has mentioned it? Or did i miss the comment about it? :smiley: