Game Update 1.41 [May 2023]

It was me + others, but as the comments above show, it should be resolved by the version before this. I’ll comment on the event discord so people can double-check the update.

Have you updated to 1.41?

Don’t know… but I’m not on dust

Black squares are an issue in 1.40 that should be fixed in 1.41

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I saw black boxes with Maria today for the first time … exclusively when people in front were wearing indicator shorts before turns. As soon as we committed to the route and transitioned to the new section of road the arrows stopped (obvs!) and the black boxes went with them.

It utterly failed to spoil my 2hr45m ride.

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How very rational of you.

If only everyone else thought the same.

Inconsequential now as within a fortnight it’s been fixed. Drama over.

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I’m easily pleased :joy:

It’s been a weird one because it doesn’t happen all the time.

@Lee_H and @David_Galbraith

I checked your server logs and you were both still on v1.40 on your last session. Appreciate your diligent reports nonetheless.

As noted above - 1.41 is being rolled out in phases over 3 days, so you may not get the latest until Thursday / Friday.

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I’m not sure if this new update affected syncing/uploading Zwift rides to Garmin connect. Because it didn’t load this morning. I rode around 452am CST. it is now 750pm and it finally uploaded. I tried a short ride around 5pm. It loaded to Strava but not to Garmin connect

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Login to Zwift website then download activity and manually upload it?

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for the update but your post doesn’t mention the problem I was having when trying to join a robo pacer group ride: Try to join a robo pacer ride and my avatar spawns nowhere near the group
I was informed by James that this would be fixed this week, I presume he meant 1.41.

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Why did the exit ride process change from some something simple and easy to going through 3 dialogs and now in 1.41 it’s even more of a fumbly process?

old: esc → enter to save ride
new: esc → cursor to ok (down 3x) and enter → enter → enter
newest: esc → enter → cursor to ok (down 3x) and enter → enter → enter
(this process is just sad)

Does zwift believe anyone does their post ride analysis on that dialog? And after all these years it was that important to change?

UX - it really is a thing, just not here apparently


My understanding is that this is fixed in 1.41

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Steering - I have found that the steering turns off automatically once you’ve taken a coffee stop. It has happened to me a few times now and you then sit in the lane you started your coffee stop in. So that means you have to be pretty accurate when you take a coffee stop.

I realise it’s a small percent of users that actually use steering so it’s not a BIG one.

SORRY - I just noticed another thread that mentions it’ll be fixed in the latest update… :pray:t3:

Let’s hope so as it was not fixed in the last update (as promissed)

Don’t believe that was the case. Changes were planned for 1.40 with the full fix in 1.41

No, I was under the impression that a fix was to be in 1.40.

Sjaak likes to frequently remind me of this and tell me of all the other times I’ve lied to him.

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No I just want to ride without any troubles the last day af my membership