Game Update 1.40 [May 2023]

The May missions disappeared and the April missions appear.


Here’s the Zwift Insider post about today’s update: Zwift Update Version 1.40 (111622) Released | Zwift Insider


Thank you for the report. We’re looking into it.

I agree they look super awesome! :ok_hand::fire::fire::fire:

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WORKAROUND We’re still troubleshooting this issue, but exiting Zwift (on laptop / desktop) or force-closing (mobile and tvOS) before restarting may get the correct missions and campaign tiles to appear on the homescreen.

@Matjaz_Pintar Would you try that and tell us if things work as they should?

It is OK now. Thanks. :+1: :grinning:

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terminator gif

Once RoboPacers become sentient


Don’t worry, we won’t bring Judgement Day down on Watopia.


Hello riders, Ive been new on zwift for while and my biggest problem I dont know how to learn all the controls or possibilities while riding. Ive get the message to follow the pacerobots to get drops, but I dont find them on the map or dont know how to join them. Ive think Zwift gotta explain better how to do these features. How about a know-how ride like a training ride for everybody to teach you how to use zwift with all the features while riding.

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Now that Im here Id like to suggest more gamification or fun to the rides. Sometimes it feels is just training, races or social. It feels to me theres more potential in there making the rides more fun with some games, like catch if you can, explore the maps to find things hiding, team battles like red team agains blue team 50%-50%. Also shops gotta have kits, shoes, paints and a lot more stuff like videogames. We dont know what to do with all these xps when we got the bike we want. I need motivation to buy fun things xD.

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Hi @Balta_Biosca

Welcome to the forum.

To ride with a Pacer bot you can select on on the main menu from the 24/7 Group rides section

When you see the message on screen to follow the Robo pacer it mean there is one close by, it can be head or behind.

You can see them on the map with either a Yellow, Blue Green or red Icon.


Is windows 10 copy/paste issue resolved?

@Jonny_P1 Not quite yet. The fix for that didn’t make it in time for 1.40. It’s slated for the next major release 1.41.

thanks a lot, awesome explanatiol, but you should appear back to the pacer when you click the message on the screen, find it can be hard on the map

This doesn’t bode well for the other worlds :joy:


Does Apple silicon include the chips in ATV or does this just mean the M1 & M2 chips in the newer laptops and iPads?

It means native support for macOS devices with Apple Silicon architecture.


Thanks, thought for a second you guys were gonna squeeze some magic out of the ATV.

Isn’t there supposed to be a change to the elevation profile (top right of screen)? It’s very small and difficult to read. Thanks in advance

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Hi Mike, this is great to hear, and have really appreciated what feels like an increase in direct communication recently.

Regarding Apple Silicon support, will this lead to a unification of the macOS / iPadOS / iOS code bases some point soon? The mobile apps have pretty drastic limits imposed in terms of frame rate and assets which have persisted since their introduction, even though mobile devices are now available with the same Apple Silicon M2 processors Macs use.