Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Good solution, but I want to turn steering off and I also still want to be able to use the power-up and U-turn buttons :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

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Dropping in to let folks know the changes to PowerUps are now in effect for all Zwifters. Make sure you’re on game version 1.39 for the best experience.

You can leave feedback if you wish or read up on the changes over at this thread: PowerUps Balancing [May 2023]

Version 1.39 just arrived on my Zwift-dedicated PC (Win 11). I notice that in the new pairing screen there is no longer a calibration option for the steering device. A small wrench icon used to appear to the left of the steering icon on the pairing screen. Clicking the icon after pairing the device allowed the user to centre the front wheel manually. Is this disappearance intentional?

I’ve used a Elite Sterzo Smart since Q3 2020 (in an older and now a newer Zwift account) and found that zeroing calibration very useful when running the Sterzo Smart without its spring (for a lighter steering experience). Perhaps the calibration was seen as unnecessary for a non-modified device. :man_shrugging:

Out of curiosity, do the other steering devices on the market use correct-to-centre mechanisms? I’ve only used the Sterzo Smart.

Same as others have reported. When clicking the steering pairing the Kickr Bike doesn’t show up. Moved on and spawned in world and steering was enabled even though visually the Kickr bike never paired to steering.

Windows 11, Kickr Bike V1 on most recent firmware, Zwift 1.39

Edit: this was just a quick free ride to test. Will test the longer standing issue of the Kickr Bike power-up buttons not working during a group ride then still not working along with steering after finishing a group ride and steering should have been restored.

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I tried a spindown, and it failed twice cause my power stayed at 0W.
(Yes, I know that I should use the trainer’s app to do the spindown, but Zwift’s spindown should work if they provide the feature)
Then when joining the RP, I got no starting help and was placed 50-100m behind the RP. Then my avatar’s legs weren’t moving, so I had to sprint to get them going.
Not a good experience.

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I’m assuming this is a bug in Volcano Route as this is the first time I see this popping up. Makes no sense a change of direction “INSIDE” the volcano. If you click, it shows no destination by name.

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So why do I now have to pair the trainer before I can pair anything else, I always pair my heart rate monitor before anything else

This “Zwifters Nearby” scrolling on PC is HORRENDOUS!

I might not even have Zwift in the foreground and my nearby list is flipping all over the place when moving my mouse around the screen.

Please return it back to the way it was!!!

I literally can’t even give back ride ons anymore because when I try to go over to their name the list just goes berserk!

quick follow up; this only seems to be when Zwift isn’t in focus; but it is truly…awful.


@shooj when you say this: “Changed the way HoloReplay names appear on the Riders Nearby List in an effort to make it more clear which HoloReplays are present”

Is part of that change that you intentionally removed the time of the Holoreplay? I noticed today that it just gave the name, and whether it was PR or Previous, but the rider list no longer displayed the time for each.

That’s unfortunate, because a lot of the sprint segment leader boards don’t pop up in anywhere near enough time to be useful for the sprint. If I’m approaching a sprint, what I want to see is the leader board and my own times, soon enough to be able to make a decision about sprinting well before the sprint starts. But many leader boards or personal time boards don’t show up until you’re into the segment.

So I’ve been using the displayed times of my Holoreplays in the rider list for that. But they were gone today, so I was flying completely blind on the Italian village sprint.


I also had this power curve issue today, I posted in the Bugs forum. But I’ll confirm here too, you’re not alone in that one.

So u can have coffeestop every 30min for 3min? If that’s the case it will make the races strange…people will start to use the stops for resting?!?

And when will u make the climb/route profile bigger and more visible…its to small…put it in the bottom of the screen or something…and also some km marks to exactly know when the climb starts etc…


With the new log-in page, can someone kindly let me know how to recover ride files on an iPad please? I’m lost in trying to figure out where to find my ride from this morning to resend to my email & subsequently upload to Strava. TIA!

I had the same issue on Windows 11 with the rider list

Coffee stops aren’t available in races. Also, you can’t use them in the last 5km of a distance based ride or 15mins if a time based ride.

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Hi Enrico.
Allow me to ask you a question not related to the topic in question.
How do you get the info’s in the left bottom of the screen about the PC specs, like RAM, graphic card temperature…

Thanks in advance.
Ride On.

Coffee stop is Not allowed in races.

Until now, both Bluetooth and ANT + were recognized, but ANT + can no longer be recognized in the Windows version of zwift 1.39. Is this symptom only in my environment?

Yes. I still have full ANT+ & BT in Windows

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Thank you.
Other apps such as TrainerRoad can recognize the ANT+ dongle normally, so it seems difficult for me to solve the problem that only zwift cannot recognize ANT+.