Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Fab. Looking forward to them.
I think most of us PC users have a dedicated zwift rig with a loads of unused storage.

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On the steering front are zwift going to bring steering to all of the smart bikes or will there be a companion app update to support steering? Or are keyboard shortcuts on the horizon for those on PC/Mac?

Learning from RGT failings, how will adaptive athletes be supported? Or even those on rollers?

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Zwift now offers me Game Resolution options of Ultra (1440p) and 4K (2160p). It used to max out at High (1080p). I also just had a large windows update, though. So is that a Zwift or Microsoft change?

Zwift have offered these resolutions for years. What GPU are you using? It could be they’ve added to the list that can get the Ultra profile.

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Hi David and Andrew - i agree David P Steering does not give an advantage and it harder, Staying in the draft is a full time Job even on a pace ride. The two advantages i see is Cutting some corners and messing with Drafters in sprints (Its evil how much fun that is).

If you find the pairing screen UI lagging/freezing on PC, close Zwift, remove the ANT+ dongle and try again. Once the pairing screen is back to normal, you can plug the ANT+ dongle back.

Fresh graphical glitch, experiencing on PC.
Insanely bright tail lights; seems to come and go, not sure why.

This is in Richmond if it matters.


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I run Zwift on my iPhone 12 iOS version 16.4.1. I got the update today. In the past I was able to swipe away the rider list on the right and the segment results on the left. That was one of my favorite things about running Zwift on my iPhone rather than a PC. After the update I can no longer swipe away those boxes. I’d like to ask for that functionality to return.

Also the buttons on the menu bar at the bottom are much smaller now. It’s very hard to be sure what button I’m pushing on a small touch screen. The menu bar is also so close to the bottom of the screen that it often triggers the screen gesture to switch to the app tray. Some scaling of the menu bar would be appreciated.

Fresh feedback after my first ride : on the new pairing screen, the Kickr Bike (v1) was not automatically paired for the “Steering” device. Worked for the other devices (power/controlable/cadence)

When I tried to pair it manually, the Kickr Bike never appeared. I gave up, thinking that the update definitely broke the Kickr Bike handlebar controls (see KICKR Bike Powerup and U turn buttons don't work [1.34] [April 2023] - #9 by Verde_Espada).

But once I started my free ride activity, the steering icon was here and I was able to steer using the buttons.

So it seems to be an issue on the pairing screen while not showing the device while it is actually paired. I don’t know what would happen for a new steering device?

As a side note : the new steering icon is nice on the pairing screen but in-game it’s way too small to be clearly seen. The white on grey in the leader board looks bad, it’s even worse for the white on blue at the top… Looks like a skull with horns, not handlebars. But I agree the original steering wheel could be confusing so a change is welcome!

@James_Ryan1 Could be of interest to you

Yes, same here. :tired_face: (iPad 12.9 6th-gen)

iPad 9th gen iOS 16.4.1 screen size 2160x1620pix

Quite a number of issues going on here:

  1. White edges on the road around the volcano. This doesn’t appear to be just an iOS issue as I’ve seen youtube videos of Stage 1 of Crit Club today that have the same issue which wasn’t there earlier in the week.

  2. MENU bar in bottom left is just ever so slightly cut-off the bottom of the screen

  3. The camera icon. What the hell is going on with this? If I tap on the icon the blue part throbs (I can’t think of a better way to describe it) and the white part also throbs. While the blue part throbs at the centre of the icon the centre of the white part seems to be set a bit high and to the left so it is very out of sync with the blue part. You can see in the image how the white part has moved to the left and up a bit and is no longer centred in the blue part.

  4. Not a bug but a new road heading off into the sea. It’s on the map but not in game yet. If you go past Repack Ridge the map will also show what appears to be 2 starting pens at the start of the route. Are we getting MTB races? Well, we haven’t got any Alpe or Ven-top downhill races yet so I won’t hold my breath.

  1. This is probably also not a bug but it is weird. Before this update to give a ride-on I would tap on the rider in the Zwifters Nearby list, a ride-on icon would appear to the left of the rider’s name and I would tap on that icon to give a ride-on.

In 1.39 doing this sent the Zwifters Nearby list crazy with it scrolling downwards and the rider selected disappearing up off the list. I managed to figure out that to give a ride-on without the rider list scrolling madly that I had to double tap the rider name. One tap to select and a second tap on the name (not the icon) gives a ride-on.

I don’t know if we could always do this (I have used the tap on the icon method up til now). I guess this is a good feature (and not a bug) as I am finding it easier to give ride-ons by double tapping on the name but it did take me a minute or two to figure it out and it wasn’t a documented change I believe. I don’t know if this is an iOS only thing, or if it works for Android too or if it works for Windows or Mac as well.

Would we as organizers have to contact Zwift HQ to have steering turned off for our events (public and club), or can we still control it using the club feature?

Contact us.

Not sure if it has already been mentioned.
Was not able to paste (ctrl+v) into the send message yesterday.

Yes @Morten_Jarlund_DBR , this has already been flagged :point_down:

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The power curve after the ride is broken, not being able to hover the mouse over it and see the power and the time shows a random string of numbers.

Also seeing the weird behaviour in the nearby riders list reported by others


EDIT: hooked my macbook up through my phone and it worked, so must have been a router issue…?

I’m having issues updating the game to 1.39, the launches appears and then seem to get stuck in a cycle where the info bar says, “preparing to download”, “downloading”, “preparing to update”, does nothing and then returns back to “downloading”. It does this maybe 5 or 6 times and errors out.

Have never had issues with new updates before today.

Launcher version: 1.1.7
MacOS: 11.5.2

Kick Bike Steering not syncing

HI - I am not sure why the last thread was hidden - but Agee here is what i found after some rides,
Basically there are two issues:
#1 there is a GUI interface issue - Ie the Zwift game shows Steering etc. is amber not connected but if you continue through this and start a ride the buttons start working about 1 min into a ride. Gui is still amber saying it’s not connected but it’s working.

#2 Unfortunately this leads to the second issue. You can’t turn off Steering - we all know what happens if you have steering on during an event or a pace ride you end up on the left, then the right then in a wall then in the river - anywhere except in the draft.

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I think this will become the ‘portal’ to the new climb mentioned in the “This Season on Zwift” notes. One of the portals was to be near the volcano.