Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

Sounds like you are having an internet connectivity issue. Have you tried plugging an ethernet cable into your ATV to see if this issue goes away? Or possibly moving it to a different location, or removing anything that might be interfering with the wifi signal?

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that can be possible,my Apple TV4K is connected to the TV via an high end HDMI cable… this has never happened before…as i live in Finland and only 25km from the Russian border,it might be the scumbags orcs (orcs = russians) have been cyber attacking us in the last days… let’s see Nigel The Great.

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When riders disappear, it usually means there is a network problem somewhere between your device running Zwift and the backend service located in the US. It could be your WiFi, router, Internet service, or a problem affecting transit networks between your ISP and Zwift. has a ping test that can help you check performance between you and Zwift.

WTRL trying to scoop your announcement early again?

first with the removal of Zwiftpower legacy cats and now with PD4… WTRL keeps stealing your thunder @xflintx

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Please ignore that until further notice. I believe there was some miscommunication again.


I believe they don’t know this word.



Please contact us for one-on-one assistance with your connectivity issue. We have a team of specialists to take the deep dive with you.

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Just means that if Martin and I got in a shootout in the old west, he’d be walking away unscathed every time.


We’re actively working on Video Screenshots for Windows right now but don’t have a public date to share just yet. In the meantime, I’ll provide some incremental updates and answer questions in this thread: Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]


I have many questions:

Is this the full list of upcoming changes or is the ‘9 months of code’ a surprise for now? PD4 development aside, will the public notice the back-end improvements as they’re released or will the Zwift team be quiet until they’re sure that everything works?

I’m a little nervous about these updates because the 2023 UCI Cycling eSports World Championships would have been the best time to reveal them.

Edit: I missed the quote below. I’ll look forward to next week’s announcement!

We love the sound of “new possibilities for the next evolution of the Zwift game experience”! What is Zwift referring to exactly? Watch this space, because Zwift says they’ll be sharing some of what’s coming soon in a media release next week.

My optimistic hope: Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4+, My realistic hope: User interface overhaul, My non-hope: Anything to do with the metaverse, crypto, or NFTs.

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My guess is none of those things.

An upgrade to unreal won’t be reflected in client updates, it would be a complete ‘new zwift’.

My guess (not really founded on much, but reading between the lines) is some fundamental engine changes to allow for more flexibility. Predictions:

Steering properly supported with a hardware release alongside. I think (and would hope) that is a simple low profile button-based controller easily attached to handlebars.

A change in the way roads and routes work as a whole to allow for a wider range of customisation options, for example custom routes (start, finish, turn choices)

Maybe some other enhanced customisation options, such as a kit builder

Perhaps something fundamental around workouts to actually make them engaging. That’s a big miss considering workout users are such a high proportion of zwifters.

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Pack Dynamics 4 has now been enabled for all of Zwift. You can read more of the detail in this post: Pack Dynamics 4 Release [April 2023]

Because this is a server-side release, it means that all Zwifters will receive benefit from PD4 the next time they log in, regardless of whether or not they’re on game version 1.34 or not.

We included the Pack Dynamics 4 details in this release note as we were targeting this week with rollout initially, and it seemed the best place to put the note.

Enjoy! :ride_on:


Maybe you could add an option to set a default TT bike and a default regular bike, and have the prompt swap between these when joining certain events or rides?


Happy Wednesday Zwifters!

Rollout to a portion of Android users has begun. Please check the Play Store to see if 1.34 is available for your device.


As much as I have an issue with TT bikes, I have the same issue with Gravel and MTB bikes if I last did a gravel ride and am now hopping into a pace partner ride. Would love to have this same option there. Even just going to the Zwift default bike would probably be better than shutting down the ride, going to the garage and then starting up a new ride.


I’m not on PC (I’m on iPad) but I did notice some different behavior today. Not sure if it’s related to PD4 being enabled or some other backend change.

First, XP used to trigger every km, but today it shifted over time. At 60km it was triggering at the .7km mark, at 100km it had shifted back to the .5km mark.

Here are some screenshots:

Then I noticed position in the pack seemed wrong a lot, it would show me as #1 long before I ever showed up at the front and even if I never did. Here are some screenshots to give an example:

My guess is some calculations that used to be done client side are now server side, but I just wanted to point out today is the first time I’ve noticed these.

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Not new at all, it’s because the event counter (up top) and your personal distance counter (nearby riders list) don’t match, and you get +20 XP every time your personal distance goes to x.0 km. At the end of a 100 km ride, you tend to see values anywhere in the 100.2 to 101.5 km range on the nearby riders list (plus any late joiners).

But my personal distance (which started at 0) began to increment XP close to the x.0 mark, but shifted over time… maybe I’m misunderstanding something but I’ve never noticed that before, and I’ve done these same rides a few times.

Yeah, exactly, but it has been like that for years. The rider list would probably say 60.0 km and 99.0 km (instead of 59.7 and 98.5) at the places where you took your screenshots. After the end of the event, the display at the top reverts back to showing your personal distance (so straight from 100.0 to ~100.5 except of course it doesn’t show decimals after 100).

As far as I know, there has never been an official explanation for this. My best guess would be that while the official distance is measured along the centre line or something, the extra distance comes simply from weaving from one side of the lane to the other over the course of the ride, just like IRL.

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