Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

I believe this is correct because if you look the client to server traffic there are 2 distances, one integer (distance in meters) and one float (actual distance moved included lateral movement).

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Well I’ll be… You’re correct. The rider list showed me at 60.0, and 99.0km at those points. I have no idea how I didn’t notice this discrepancy on my other rides up until now, I usually get triggered by this kinda stuff.

Ok, so it did feel to me that my rank ‘x’ of ‘y’ was much more off than usual today too, where normally it’s off but corrects itself over a few seconds, where today it didn’t, and instead I would see 1 of 109 for a good amount of time (not just a second or two), when I had not come close to breaking out of the front of the pack at all visually. It seems that it was behaving differently today.

Isn’t the TT bike swap feature a bit silly? It’s of course an acknowledgment there is a frequent issue starting a ride with the wrong bike though…The sensible thing I would think would be to show your current bike on the main screen so that you are reminded before selecting ride if you’re set up with the right bike for the job.


The distance on the HUD is local data (subject to lag) whereas the distance shown in riders nearby is server side and accurate. You would have received XP every time the server side distance clocked a new kilometre. Sometimes this happens and is more noticeable than others. It’s been like that since forever.

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How long is the expected rollout of 1.34 to all PC user?

I checked my own PC installation here in Canada, and haven’t seen the update yet…

UPDATE April 6

Phased rollout to macOS has begun.


how is the PC update going any eta when it might be available for all?

Does the macOS release add native Apple Silicon support yet? Only 2.5 years since those first products came out!

Thanks, but only interested in ATV…

My guess is by the end of next month when it becomes stable for the beta testers, like after patch 1.34.5

Gordon, I had an update last night before doing a Tour ride. No issues so far other than I’m still old and slow.

I’m not sure if this is related to the update or PD4 or what, but, last night (4/5) I went for a ride (Tour of Watopia Sands and Sequoias ride if that matters), when I was in camera view 1, the camera seemed to be on some sort of nausea-inducing rubber band. I would get 4-5 m (estimated) further up the road from the camera, and then the camera would suddenly catch up with me, things would be fine for a bit, then I’d move a bit up the road, and then the camera would move really rapidly to catch up. In previous versions of the pack dynamics, I would get a bit up the road relative to the camera position if I was receiving more draft (in TTT races, we’d sometimes use this to see whether or not we were optimum drafting positioning), but the camera wouldn’t move to catch up so rapidly. I finally had to go to camera view 3 to stop this crazy rubber-band effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t record/stream this ride as it was a group ride and I tend to only stream/record races. Is this a known issue? Hopefully, it was just a one-time blip that I had that won’t repeat, but it made camera view 1 unusable for me.

It’s called rubber banding and it can happen when your frame rate is right around 60 fps. Some people cap their FPS at 58 or 59 in the nVidia control panel (if you have an nVidia card) to avoid it.


It’s weird that I’ve never seen it before. Is it something new (and that there’s a potential upcoming fix for) or something that I’ll have to try to fix with my hardware forever (I have an AMD card)?

Hiya @Paul_Himes I confirmed that your most recent session log that you’re not yet on v1.34, so what you saw is not a symptom of that.

How many people were in that group ride with you, out of curiosity?

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~250 were in pen C of the Tour of Watopia at my timeslot last night. I would say that I was only riding with ~30-40 at most in my group, but I gave up with camera view 1 after we all turned into the pink dinosaurs in the desert (so maybe 3 km in), so there were probably a lot more people in the area that the system was trying to track.

When the above poster said that it was called rubberbanding, I googled that and zwift and I see someone saying that AMD GPUs are part of the problem. I run an AMD processor and an AMD RX 590 GPU, so maybe that’s the issue. Could be this was just a bigger group ride than I usually do, so I just didn’t notice it before?

Thanks for looking into this.

If it matters, I also usually have a browser window open (to Zwiftpower), Discord, Pretzel, Voicemeeter Banana, iTunes, OBS, and a Twitch Chat overlay running when I’m racing. Maybe all that somehow slows be down below the 60 FPS and last night I only had iTunes and Zwift running when I saw the rubber banding. Or I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Also, I run Zwift on a projector, don’t know if refresh rate matters.

Update April 7
We’ve made the 1.34 update available to more Windows / Android / macOS users. If you notice a new issue, please report them in this thread.

We will not make additional changes over the weekend. Staggered rollout to iOS and Apple TV devices will begin next week. Enjoy the holidays if you’re celebrating with family and friends.


I’m not always the most complimentary here but i tried a pace partner yesterday in a big group the dynamics were FAR better much more natural. Good job!


I saw two minor bugs today with the latest version…or maybe they are features? @shooj

  1. I was freeriding in Scotland (not an active world today) and noticed that people were in workout mode (screen in front of then) but the Zwifters Nearby list did not show an icon that used to be there in past for people doing workouts (the little bar chart).

Note: You can ignore my workout icon missing as I was not doing it via Zwift.

  1. Zwifters Nearby list is showing riders that are riding in opposite direction. Not sure what is the purpose of it but it makes it hard to follow who is in front and behind me. I suspect this is not new as I noticed the same in the Tour of Watopia earlier on Volcano Climb.

Other than that - happy that PD4 is public now. Great job Zwift :clap:.