Training Bar Graph Missing in the HUD

I noticed a few weeks ago that the bar graph icon on the riders doing a training session on a ride are no longer displayed on the “Riders Nearby” list. All updates are current, so it seems odd these icons have suddenly disappeared.

Did you notice if the “last completed” field is still updated when you complete a workout after the 1.34 update?

2023-04-22 11_15_44-Window

Yes, I’m seeing this today since (finally) getting the 1.34 Zwift update on my PC yesterday. There are plenty of ‘Zwifters Nearby’ doing workouts as evidenced by the screens in front of their handlebars, but the bar graph icons aren’t visible for any of them.

Just a further data point, in case this does reveal itself to be a v1.34-related bug: it seems that this only occurs if one is not in workout mode.
Doing yesterday’s free ride (see above post) and another quick one just now, the workout mode bar graph icons didn’t appear in the right-hand column.
Doing a workout in Zwift earlier this afternoon, the bar graph icons were appearing as per normal:

The missing icon anomaly was already identified once, 13 days ago (and dismissed by Zwift staff as unrelated to 1.34) in the main update thread (Game Update 1.34 [April 2023] - #63 by Martin_Skapa), but it seems like an unlikely coincidence for it to only start happening on my zwifting PC when the update occurred on that machine. :thinking:
(Zwift 1.34, dedicated PC on Win 11, always fully shut down between Zwift sessions)

Maybe you can try comment in the 1.34 thread that you see this as new in v1.34.

It has been three weeks but I did not get a popup to upgrade to it on my Android tablet yet.

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Just noting this is still apparent.

(From today)

I am seeing the same thing on AppleTV. I am running the latest version of everything.