Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

Hi Zwifters, Zwift version 1.34 has begun a phased rollout today. More on that below.

  • Improved experience when riding in a pack with new pack dynamics.
  • Zwifters with banked XP will now see their rider score match their level progress graph position.
  • “Rider Score” is now shown as “Runner Score” for running.
  • “Darn! I forgot to swap off my TT bike before joining Coco” says no one, anymore! New prompt allows a quick swap from a TT bike to the default Zwift road bike when joining a Pacer Group on a TT.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause HoloReplays to fly while on the Alpe.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the start time for Time Trial events to appear incorrectly.
  • Replaced the Time Trial HUD element with the standard race HUD element for all routes while in a Time Trial event.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause duplicate race results to be saved when completing a race.


  • Screenshots taken from the action bar will now save as expected

Zwift has been working on a number of back-end improvements that will open new possibilities for the next evolution of the Zwift game experience. Version 1.34.0 sees much of the code written over the past 9 months added to the public client for the first time.

Due to the scale of this change, the game release will be staggered to minimize the risk of disruption. We will unveil more details on our future plans later in the year.


Awesome changes. Great to see. Also last couple paragraphs are really exciting to read.


Due to the scale of this change, the game release will be staggered to minimize the risk of disruption. We will unveil more details on our future plans later in the year.

Does ‘Game release’ refer to this 1.34 update? Or is it referring to the 9 months of code? Not sure what the antecedent of ‘Game release’ is?

How will it be staggered exactly?


The availability of 1.34 will be staggered on a per-OS basis. not the 9 months of code.
It’s going out to some PC users first, then other platforms will follow.


Pack Dynamics 4? Interesting

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Hi @Ryan_Robinson_Drafte welcome to Zwift forums.

Pack Dynamics 4 has been under development for several months with this forum community. You can read about it on this thread.

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How about PD4? I’m assuming that’s a universal change that can’t be staggered?

This is the release of it though? I’ve been following along with the forum discussions, but I haven’t been able to make it to any of the trial races. I’m interested in seeing how it makes zwifting different.

PD4 is not tied to a game version. It’s a server-side function that can be turned on independently of what game version you’re using. The timing of PD4 happened to coincide this week with 1.34, which is why it’s in this release note.


Try a ride in Makuri where you’re in a large group. It can be a race, a non-race group ride, a Club event, or a Pace Partner ride, but the important part is a sizable pack.


My final question- how long is the staggered release expected to take to roll out roughly?

Let’s hope it’s not similar to the ‘new’ Home Screen, which took almost a year to get to ATV users :crossed_fingers:

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So, just for clarity, when will PD4 be turned on as the new default for all rides in all worlds? Thanks.

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Does this mean no more TT HUD at all? Just the same race HUD for all events, TT or not?


Thank you… I’d just like to ask if you can give any sort of rough ETA for when the ability to autosave a short video clip from a zwift ride is coming to windows (I think apple users have it already?). I like to sprint and it seems like a cool feature


@evan-zwift is the guy for this question

@DavidP when exactly will PD4 become the default for all worlds?

Shuji’s game update post was a bit ambiguous and seemed to imply that PD4 would be going live sometime this week (i.e. not part of the staggered 1.34 game update release).

The plan is to go live this week. We will announce it, so don’t worry.


Shuij The Great,as u certainly know the old saying “customer is always right”… and as it happens that u are on the customer service take note that since yesterday 3 of April I’m loosing connectivity when racing with Bernie !!! after about 12km/16km all the other zwifters riding around disappear and only Bernie remains,anyway after that the data on the screen keeps being correct only none is around,zwifting with Kickr V6 in Wifi mode and Apple TV4K 128GB 2022,could your people look at this !!! certainly i am not the only one having this issue !!l “an happy customer always comes back” Shuji…my best regards.