Game Update 1.31 [November 2022]

This other thread has at least one user that found the mesh network was the issue.

There’s zero evidence that it was anything to do with it being a mesh network, as opposed to it being a different wifi issue.

One single report of a wifi issue on someone’s network (which hapoens to be mesh-based) doesn’t mean that suddenly mesh networks are no good for Zwift.


We rode a meetup there this morning. A warmup for WTRL TTT. Pretty cool scenery.

Cool! I tried later on in the day and was able to select one of the new routes. Looking forward to sight seeing!

Yeah, the 2D map was pretty much unusable in some places. The magnification varying depending on where you are isn’t new though, it also happens at least in the Harlem end of the NYC map. I don’t really see why it would not just stay the same (whichever of the three options you choose) wherever you are, even the less extreme NYC variant is a bit confusing.

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Same. Not on ATV as of Thursday morning mst

Have you checked that lately? I downloaded the ATV version yesterday afternoon (MST).

hello in the new routes I don’t see the complete route to make the badge and they don’t give me the mech isle loop badge (for example)

Hi @Jordi_Riu_Popito, it looks like you made a manual turn or something in your Mech Island loop activity, maybe it was just a glitch. I got this badge yesterday, it was the first route I rode on the new expansion and it worked fine. I then did 2 other new routes and both worked, got the badges.


This definitely isn’t the Mech Isle Loop route.

I lost all my progress of my trainingsshedule…im in week 6 of active offseason and now its all gone…


Me to on the “build me up plan”

Updated my companion app and went for a ride …my HR kept constantly showing 0 then HR and then dropping again throughput the ride. Using ATV and Apple Watch. Anyone else having this problem today?

Same here - was 3 weeks into Build Me Up and all gone. Unimpressed.


FYI about the training plans

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Anyone rode in New York since the update the game sounds are awful and the settings menu despite being on mute for menu and game sounds it’s making noise.

Mixture of bird noises and what i can only describe as an constant electrical buzz

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It was reported over here @Gordon_Rhino-Racing

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Generally I do not have issues with updates but this one bricked quite hard. Using an ATV and kickr v5 is an unridable experience. It drops connections left and right and even when connected zwift only reads 0 on the kickr and my HM.
Tried running bluetooth straight though the ATV and through companion. Running though companion works untill that desides to lose connection with zwift and everything comes to a grinding halt.

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I had been having an issue where the camera icon on the ingame menu wasn’t taking screenshots (not a showstopper for me, but very slightly irritating), but the latest update seems to have fixed it for me.