Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

Just to note that I have (had) switched the Makuri Pace Partners. Welcome change of scenery and smaller groups made both B and C pacers a bit more enjoyable.

Hopefully you can bring them back.


I still don’t see the new Rebel route badges in Watopia. Was that addressed in this update?

Update never finished on win 10, waited some minutes, then exit.
and started zwift again, then i got question update has to be applied, and could proceed then it worked as normal.

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We split off a thread about problems launching Zwift on macOS. If you’re having this issue please join us on this discussion.

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If you’re having problems switching bikes in your Garage - please join this discussion for updates.

I agree - I’ve really enjoyed the Makuri pace partners. For example, with B-bot on Chain Chomper, I could get a nice rhythm in my workout when doing a few laps.


Very tempted by these new TT frames… Here is my post with details, my thoughts, a list of bugs, images, and more about the update: Zwift Update May Released 1.25 | Pursuit Cycling For Kids.

Edit: Just uploaded a YouTube video about the update, feel free to check it out: Zwift Update May 2022 v1.25 // All the Details! - YouTube


My comment was general, not specific to pace partners. Clearing some of the bugs in Run would be greatly appreciated by the running community. As for pace partners, they are used but not anywhere near to the same level as Ride; the reason being that running dynamics are not the same as riding. Pace partners could be more popular in Run either if the pace was programmable by the user or if there were simply more pace options (neither of which is expected to happen). Zwift support for events like the Superleague Triathlon suggest Run has a future but right now the running community is in limbo - will Run be dropped, will it be retained, will there be a fee, etc.? It would be nice to know. (FYI - I’m a long time multi sport subscriber)


I’m sad about not being able to fly after Repack Ridge now. That was a bonus feature! I vote that it be resurected somehow or at least turned on for special days please.

Nope, nothing’s worth doing that again. :joy:

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Still no sign of the “Ride with” feature for the new UI?
Thought it was mentioned this would be returned as a priority?

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Not sure about priority but looking to bring it back:

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Not at all a fan of the new “exhausted effect” or whatever the workout effect is.

Today’s update seems to shunt in a half resolution fuzzy image overtop, which creates a MASSIVE amount of aliasing, which is particularly visible with distant tron bikes, which turns into a flicker-fest.

It also covers the entire screen, and when it kicks on, it’s all or nothing.

Really don’t like it, and going to disable for now.

I personally quite liked the old method, wasn’t a fan of the scan lines, but really liked the screen greying out with color visible through the arch, before returning to full saturation once going through the arch.

Genuinely… can’t recommend the new system at all, not sure why that aliasing was acceptable, but it’s near seizure inducing with enough tron bikes in the distance.

Got a pic Andrew? I’m not planning on doing any workouts in the very near future so just curious.

Still no “Ride with” option. Still have scaling issues. CPU pegged at 100%. When choosing a route after a workout it’s nothing like just choosing a route to ride. No map All text based garbage on a white background. But by all means let’s keep rolling it out to paying users so they can also not enjoy it yet still be out money

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I just got an Apple TV 4k and had to watch a few youtube vids to figure out how to get around in Zwift using the remote. I have been using my iPhone 11 Pro since I first signed up with Zwift Nov. 2021. WHEN will Zwift work fully with Apple Tv 4k?? Forgot which Zwift rep I watched but it was a fairly recent video that confirmed what I was experiencing where the remote left, right up and down doesn’t always work on every screen. I’m getting use to the quirks but for some things I need to use the “Remote” from my phone. Also, how can we reciprocate Ride Ons to the riders in the Rider List on the right side on the screen? If there’s a detailed video tutorial on using the Apple TV remote functionality, I’d appreciate someone sharing it


Thanks for your effort and making another update to the game. Will try to reproduce the ERG Mode stuck after workout and report. Workout pain effect, I’ll keep an eye to this how it’s looking now.

Cathy, use the “Companion App” to control the game using the Apple TV. I use the iPhone or iPad and it’s a lot easier to get around the game once you’ve started your session.

It’s a very fiddly controller and is very frustrating everytime I use it… for the last 2 years!

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This update changed the scaling of the home screen for the better, medium now is fine for my 4K 55” TV screen (using macOS).

I missed capturing the worst of this but it was if we had “keep together” on (we didnt) and all bunched up a few times out in the grass. Very similar to what the Kickr bike crowd see on their rides. Only lasted for 10 secs each time then all good.