Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

I did a workout yesterday, was just blocks of 5 minutes at a constant wattage (sounds fun right!) and the performance seemed to drop about 2 minutes into a block and then was ok for the start of the next one. I don’t have the workout/pain effect on but is there a chance it is still kicking in in the background without actually being active? Maybe that is causing the drop in frame rates?


I’m getting really bad graphics during workouts too. Goes all blurry whenever another rider is near me. Pain effect switched off. Far worse on Makuri today than it was on the Alpe yesterday. (Anyone else notice that the Alpe has become invisible in the mini map?)

Yeah there’s another thread about that. Lots of bugs again with this release… :neutral_face:

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NO WAY! Bugs in a new release (aka Bugdate)? How is that possible? :grin:


Update 1.25.1 - May 18
We’ve released update 1.25.1 for all platforms. It contains the following fix:

  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from being able to change bikes in the garage.

I’ve created a thread regarding the fps issues while doing a workout:

As an aside, in all my 10,789 KM in Zwift over the last year and a half, I never once noticed that there was an animated circle showing how long that turn popup would last. Now that I’ve seen it, it’s all I see :laughing:

Carry on…


I don’t think so, although while the blur effect is… surely not working as I would hope someone actually intended it to, I don’t think it’s related.

BUT it might be related to some computation cycle going on in the background, the same as what I’m showing with the CPU spikes when the turn signals show up.

My best assumption is some block of code that gets triggered during that turn decision making time, is eating up a lot of resources, and the real culprit is it’s taking priority of a block of code that’s requesting the draw calls.

So we get this overall drop in FPS, but… it’s not the fault of the GPU, and as I’ve shown, the GPU actually gets bored and is being used less; which means it is 100% relating to a CPU issue; not … the CPU exactly, but some part of the code more specifically.

Something is preventing the rest of the code to ask for the GPU to do something, so we end up with a reduced framerate. (GPU use decreases because it’s not being asked to work as hard)

Side note; put in an official email bug report as well with the stuff I’ve also shared here, and references to this thread itself and Mike’s other thread.

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@Andrew_Nuse The drops are not related to the turn signal popping up or at least not on my system. I also get these fps drops while cycling on a normal road where no turn signal approaches.

Last time I got heavy drops while exiting Ocean Boulevard and heading towards the junction where you can go left to Epic KOM and right to Italian Village.

My system struggled to keep fps high enough so VRR can do it’s magic work, thats where I usually encounter this as an issue too, because VRR is getting towards the lower limit of the hardware.

I wasn’t actually getting any frame drops, the only times I’ve been getting frame drops has been during workouts.

That said, such a little turn signal … should not spike out the CPU, something is up with it either way.

So I’m not sure if there is any connection in there or not, but, I figured it’s worth pointing out. For all we know there could be some relation… but, we, will never know

I know next to nothing about computers or apps and how they do (or should) work, but is it possible that the CPU load near intersections is not due specifically to the pop-up option dialogue, but to the fact that you have an option to go two (or more) different directions so the game has to load the assets (or whatever) for ALL options? Then, once you actually pass the point where you can make the choice (dialogue disappears) the game can discard the assets for the non-chosen option. Pure speculation on this.


Yeah I mean what you’re referring to still makes complete sense, and could absolutely be on the right track potentially.

For the time being though it’s pure speculation. And regardless we have evidence something is up, and hasn’t been happening before (that I ever have seen at least)

As a follow up follow up; looks like my support ticket pushed through and “has been escalated,” sadly to… basic tasks.

SO, I guess ZHQ doesn’t look at these threads enough, so I think I’d recommend anyone else seeing the blurry workout effect that’s come in 1.25 and the massive frame drops… also put in support tickets.

We need an actual response from ZHQ; we still haven’t had any official statement on this yet, and it certainly wasn’t an issue prior to this patch.
(and is still happening after that hotfix)

One could argue that before 1.25 it worked and there wasn’t a difference between free riding and doing a workout. Or at least it wasn’t that noticeable. So obviously something MUST have been changed. Definitely not for the better.

Btw, this is my pain effect:

This time the fps dropped hard shortly after the effect was noticable on the screen.

This went from not working after the initial release, to working last night, to now not working again.


Is anyone else having issues when doing a custom workout that the first segment (Star) you don’t get it anymore… I have tried on my laptop and Ipad and both times it has been missing. I have tried to search and see if I could answer but have had no luck!

@Sharon_Rae See here, there’s a thread about it:

Anything of significance in the 1.25.1 update on May 18th?

See a few posts up - Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022 - #175

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Sterzo Error with 1.25.1

Checked firmware and changed batteries just in case, but no go

Hello, was the “workout pain effect” changed too? Earlier it looked more like horizontal stripes but we could see through just fine. Now the screen gets more and more blurry and we cannot see much till the interval ends.