Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

Really? This is ludicrous. That’s like going to a store and having them tell you you can only look at hiking socks once you have selected some hiking boots. The Drop Shop should show everything that is available. I understand that your garage might only show gravel wheels after you have selected a gravel frame, but the same should not be applied to the Drop Shop.


I can see why they have done it, people trying to put gravel wheels on road bikes and vice versa when it will most likely give an error or crash


If you’re currently using the TRON you won’t see any wheels in the wheel shop. You have to switch frames to see the wheels.


All the more reason to be able to hide the HUD when doing a workout. All of the information is on ZCA anyway! Any chance we’ll ever be able to do this, @Wes?

  • Support for Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 has been discontinued.

Thanks for that.
I know nothing about computering and now need to buy a new one just to use Zwift.

Luckily, I can cancel my Zwift subscription before this month’s payment goes out and decide what to do.



I clicked Yes, but nothing happened. Task Manager showed ZwiftLauncher, but not Zwift. Uninstalled, downloaded, installed, and now going through a horrendously long update…

There’s plenty of advice available here. People like @Dave_ZPCMR can point you to resources showing how a PC that costs far less than a laptop can be built for Zwift. And he can probably point you to where you can buy one ready-made.


Any news on enabling steering for the Tacx Neo Bike? Or news on the next steps for steering full stop?

That’d just be covering up the problem though, just like running OBS to prevent the avatar flickering and stutter which has been an issue for well over a year and has been fully demonstrated, including how to invoke it. It’s all gone quiet, because people at low frame rates don’t see it and so it doesn’t need fixing.

Considering the ongoing state of Makuri Islands as well, it feels like they just don’t care about game performance on PC. Zwift are a software company, I find it bizarre that optimisation is apparently not a concern. The CPU bottleneck when it’s busy is an unfortunate and possibly unfixable feature of how the game functions, but beyond that there’s no excuse for performance to progressively get worse.


I can second Steve’s point.
The vast amount of my three years’ zwifting time has been spent (very happily) on an iPad, then a few months using an Apple TV 4K (to have a larger screen).
I could have carried on with that without any problem whatsoever. Some people Zwift on their phones connected to a larger screen. You don’t need a ‘computer’.

However, in order to know and enjoy the full graphics experience in Zwift before the impending apocalypse, I decided to go the dedicated PC route at the end of February.

I’ve never assembled a computer before.
Using @Dave_ZPCMR 's advice and documentation, much of which is summarised in a single article available on Zwift Insider (soon to be updated), plus some time researching it all online, I ordered and put together in the space of less than a week of my spare time a superbly performing PC for Zwift. It cost far, far less than I’d be able to get a comparable laptop or pre-built PC, and I didn’t end up paying for extra resources that I don’t need. (Secondhand would have been even cheaper.)
It all worked first time and literally the only tools I used were a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver and a wire cutter for trimming zip ties (optional). It’s all modular stuff, nothing really that demanding, and the free resources out there for guiding complete newcomers are outstanding.


You’re required to be on a gravel bike before you can see the new gravel wheels in the drop shop

Worth reiterating that the article linked to is out of date. General principles still apply, but the recommendations on stuff to buy are old now. If anyone wants a copy of the new version, please PM me. Otherwise it’s due to be updated online at some point. To be honest I was hoping this game update would resolve the newly observed CPU issues first.


My TrainingPeaks workouts no longer show up on Zwift as of the update. I’ve tried the signing out/in of both accounts, unlinking/linking both accounts, deleting/reinstalling both apps, nothing seems to fix this. Please advise…

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Cheers @Steve_Hammatt and @Roule_Thoune but I find it quite daunting, all this technological stuff.

I bought a new smart TV especially for using Zwift on a bigger screen and accidentally smashed it in less than a week…d’oh!

There are a few PCs on fleabay that are within a short drive of me but in the description, some are saying ‘dedicated’ GPU and the sellers are not responding to my questions.
I don’t understand the ‘dedicated’ bit.

I’ll go and read the articles and work out what I need.
Thanks all.

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@Dave_ZPCMR I can’t work out how to PM you (only just managed this @ thingy!) but I would be interested in reading about what to buy now.

Thank you.

Edit = thanks for the, PM. Just seen it.

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I’m not on Facebook, but there is a lot of information available and helpful people, apparently, at the ZPCMR group. Dave was kind enough to send me the text of his soon-to-be updated article while it’s waiting to be published over on Zwift Insider. It takes a while to absorb the contents, but well worth it and it can save you lots of money.

If you read the older article or newer one, you’ll know not to buy just any PC, especially if the sellers aren’t listing complete details of the components.

Zwift’s requirements aren’t those of most ‘games’, and the majority of PCs on the market have been designed with office work or pure gaming in mind.
It can seem confusing at first, but there’s a logic to CPU names and their specs; the same with GPUs and their specs, etc.
Again, I knew nothing about this area before the end of February and all the component names were pretty much meaningless to me. It becomes clearer very quickly.


I think they are to be purchased at the drop shop ?


Don’t they have the same problem if you have gravel wheels equipped and you purchase a road bike? Yet, that seems to work just fine. Weird.

If you go into the Drop Shop with your avatar equipped with gravel wheels (and therefore on a gravel frame) the frame and wheels are overridden if you then select a Drop Shop road frame. I guess there are some rules built in to the back end, such that you can’t end up with gravel wheels on a road frame.

On this subject, I think it would be helpful now for gravel and road frames to be more clearly labelled as such, both in the garage and in the Drop Shop. Maybe with colour-coding or titles for sections. MTBs are easy to tell apart from the roadies; gravel bikes not so much.
There have been plenty of cases of zwifters buying and riding, say, a Cervélo Aspéro, without knowing that its rolling resistance on tarmac is far higher than a road bike. If we don’t read the description of the frames/bikes, it’s not obvious to the untrained eye that one is a gravel bike, especially on smaller screens.
I’m off to create a feature request thread. :grin:

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Obviously, this is far down on the Zwift ‘to-do’ list. Bummer. But thanks for the response.