Game Update 1.18 - October 20th, 2021

If you do a workout in a meetup, the workout display doesn’t appear on the Companion app on Android. I believe it’s a bug, as it does appear on iOS.


I wish one day you would add things for adaptive athletes. There are a lot leaving this app for RGT due to there getting ready to make realistic adaptive bikes.


Pleased add more Level for runners ! Its really boring to have just Level 21 …


Since 2016 after every update I gradually get older, fatter and slower. It has been happening on Mac, PC and heck I even tired Apple TV! Same problem! Zwift please look into this! Everything else works great thank you for the update.


Any progress on the resistance issues with APTV/WAHOO KICKR?

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For what it’s worth: I did a ride on ATV this morning with the new update and did not have any issues.

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My heart rate monitor lasted a minute before disconnecting this evening. That’s progress. It used to be 10 seconds.

Mine on windows has been doing this for months i asked the question was told my machine maybe to old .Good old reinstall might help it didnt but now seems atv has same problem now

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Are there any plans to fix the bug on Box hill/Leith hill (I think?) where your “map marker” doesn’t leave ground level as you climb the hills? This results in that the slope indicator just becomes a black square with the slope shown in percent after a while, since your marker is now “below ground”. The bug’s been there for the year I’ve been using Zwift.


Hello there,

My Zwift (Mac) wont launch after the update.\

Please fix.

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No workie!!! Paused membership of myself and my wife. Unless you want to credit us all for the non functionality???

Update 1.18.1 - October 21st, 2021

We have released a small update to 1.18 to address two critical issues. This update is currently available for MacOS users and will be available for PC, Android, iOS and Apple TV users in the next 12 to 24 hours.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Zwifters to continue moving while in the pairing screen when they should have been stopped automatically.
  • Fixed an issue on MacOS which would cause large black boxes and other visual anomalies to appear on screen.

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Updated zwift on pc tonight. 3 rides, 3 zwift app crashes within 20 minutes. This isn’t acceptable for the subscription fee. Fix ASAP.

v1.18.1 for PC, Android, iOS and Apple TV have not released yet - only macOS tonight.

We appreciate your patience until they’re out in the next 12 to 24 hours.


I am having power drops again after last update. I am using windows laptop with ANT+. I hadn’t have power drops in a while, and last few updates it go back and forth between having zero drops and having 2-3 or more.