Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

Can you include level unlocks on these. I am 35 and the DT Swiss appears to be 42. Would love to know for each item.

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Yeah this. Still waiting for them to fix this bug a year ago.

Did Zwift also fixed, “FIXED ZWIFT WHERE ZWIFT HAS NO QA”?

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I have the level locks and prices listed on my article: Zwift insider also has it on their post.

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Thanks! That’s perfect. To be super nit picky you left off “level” from the “Canyon Ultimate CFR – 639,000 drops – 19” like all other items.

Thanks again! The disc wheel is the only item I cannot grab immediately.

No problem. Totally missed that! Did not mean to leave level out.

We’ve had a couple of reports of folks on AppleTV not experiencing resistance on their Kickr Bikes/trainers. If this sounds familiar, please hop over to this specific thread!

Can you fix the bug where upon completion of a hard Crit City race and you choose the option to leave the course it always brings you into the new world on a 5% climb. That’s the bug I’d like to see fixed.

This is a sort of joke, Zwift updates are never ‘rock solid.’ Ad evidenced by the comments following every update they are riddled with bugs, at best. Why not follow the same strategy with the Wahoo Direct Connect? Or even better, how about just ensuring that ALL future updates are ‘rock solid’ before releasing them? :crazy_face:


The companion app is still not working on most rides, we need some button or way to connect to the workout (Mac + IOS on the same wireless network)

I don’t see the route name on the new route progress bar. When you said that was part of this release, was that a mistake?

Nice uodate

You’re doing an event. It won’t show there.

Can you please let me know what is meant by “Added support for the Wahoo Element Rival watch.”?

Will this mean I can access Zwift through my Wahoo Rival watch or just workouts are now aligned or something else entirely?

I assume HR re-broadcast support… but would also like clarification as to what this means.

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I think this is a reference to their implementation of Direct Connect being rock solid. I can confirm the technology itself is already rock solid and works very well on supported platforms.

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Is this a paradigm shift to the server handling rider positions instead of client, avoiding the embarrassment of different observers seeing different sprint orders? That was really bad for World Championships, in particular women’s sprint for 3rd. I did notice on MAAP stage 4 today riders started doing squigglies, and I wondered if that was an internet glitch on my end, which normally wouldn’t have been a problem since the client handled positions anyway.

@joules yep have checked and I’m up to date and still the same thing happening. Using it on Mac.

I’ve cycled up the Alpe 3 times recently and experienced the exact same issue. This means that anyone who has Apple TV can’t do the Four Horsemen route until the bug has been fixed.

Erg mode has a big delay after the latest update on my Tacx neo 2T. I just had to turn it off as it was unusable

I agree we need Bianchi as a choice in the drop shop!