Game Update 1.15 - July 19th, 2021

Any plans to roll back this update for Mac OS? It’s totally broken for Big Sur.


Zwift support contact suggested that this is related to the update and its issues with uploading/power/connection/etc. and that I would find an answer here but I don’t see it so here it goes…

I completed a workout ride (Ramp Test) this morning. After the workout was finished I keep riding on the course that I completed the workout on.

The ride looks fine in Strava and is consistent with what is shown through the website ( This is evidence that the uploading to zwift servers (not a fit file but the auto-saving frequent updating activity that happens during the ride) and uploaded fit file to strava are correct and that I did not experience any issues logging on, uploading fit files, any power issues and no general device connections problems. The support person I was in contact with indicated that the zwift server updates are what is seen in the feed.

In summary, it appears to me that both sources of information are correct.

However ZCA does not show the power graph at all. It shows everything else correctly including the power curve.

This shows the activity feed in ZCA (iOS on an iphone). This looks normal and the web/browser feed looks similar and consistent with what is seen in ZCA.

This shows the detail screen graph for the ride in the browser and shows the cadence and power nicely for the ride so there is no issue with bluetooth connection with those devices. And indicates to me that the data is on the zwift servers correctly and is intact.

This shows the detail screen graphs for the ride in the ZCA. Notice that only the cadence graph is shown. Both the Power button and Cadence button are ON BUT THERE IS NO POWER GRAPH!?!?
Although I can see it on through a browser and on strava.

The power distribution curve screen appears correctly in ZCA.

Restarting the iPhone does not fix the missing graph. The power graph is seen in all my other rides.

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Rode the Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge today (Ven top). Viewing the activities for the ride, it shows bizarre and incorrect data for power, speed, heartrate and cadence. See the screenshot. This doesn’t happen with free rides. It’s the same problem for the 3 Specialized rides I’ve done so far. I installed the update on 7/19. Apple TV 4k (2017). The correct data is uploaded to Zwift Power. What’s up with this?

So many serious issues in this release that Zwift Insider have felt the need to write an article on it - Details and Workarounds for 5 Bugs in Zwift's July Release - Zwift Insider

Do better, Zwift


They used my video from London. Nice :slight_smile:

Update 1.15.1 - July 27th. We’ve released a small patch for this version to address a few bugs including the following:

  • Fixed an issue which would cause FIT files to not be saved correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a crash when saving an activity if you started your Zwift session by fan viewing another Zwifter.
  • Fixed an issue with workouts that would cause power targets to appear higher than they should during rest intervals.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a paired smart trainer or power meter to prevent other devices from being successfully paired.

Wahoo kickr v5… ERG mode isn’t working properly. Workouts reading incorrect wattage

Also, pack dynamics was rolled back yesterday:


A post was merged into an existing topic: Can’t pair both Controllable and Power signals separately [1.15.0] [July 2021] [SOLVED]

Did Zwift fix “Fixed an issue where Zwift has no QA”

Snark aside, thank you for fixing it. I won’t congratulate you on it since we all paid for it, but please do better than this the next time.


Did you actually fix the bugs or just cancel the update and re-issue the June update?

Have got the straight-line on the map again when joining an event from a warmup in the same world…

Also the companion app doesn’t load the map in event…as there was an ios update after the latest patch/update…which always knocks out the map…and no solution works until you guys issue your next update so clearly it must be a server refresh on your part!

Saw your post and wanted to make sure you saw this solution:

Turns out Windows was caching the value of the firmware, so after updating the firmware, Windows was still reporting the old value. By removing the device from the list of “Other Devices”, Windows is forced to read the new firmware value the next time Sterzo is connected.

A couple times now I seem to start under the pavement when joining another rider. Screen shot:

I have been started at the wrong location or taken on the wrong route now. Am I supposed to start inside the volcano for the Tour of Fire and Ice route? I triple checked it and every time that’s where it puts me. I thought it was starting near the beach area? Maybe this is my mistake?

This was on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I do not see any update in the app store so assume I am current. Did a re-start of the app and same thing. Did a re-start on phone and same thing.

@Cycling_Boss_YouTube That’s the correct starting point for your selection. As per the ZwiftInsider ‘Tour of Fire and Ice’ route description:
« Events on this route begin at the downtown Watopia start pier, while free-ride efforts begin at the Volcano Circuit banner. »
("Tour of Fire and Ice" Route Details (Watopia) - Zwift Insider)

@Roule_Thoune Thank you. I guess I never noticed routes can have a different starting point for events vs free rides. I appreciate the info.

I’m still unable to pair my V3 power pedals and kinetic trainer directly.
have to again select trainer for all power and control, then pair V3 pedals.
( Apple TV, Companion on iPhone)

On a re-start ( after reboot) my V3 pedals are selected for power, but the trainer is not available until I go round the unpair-pair route.

It used to work before the May “update”

Did the Chain Chomper today Maker Island yesterday

there is a background display problem at the top of the temple KOM from the Castle side

the ground lower left moves through the banner with the rider.

Hi @Firr_Asari_743872 , did you find a solution to that issue ?