FutureWorks: Steering Phase 2

I just got a sterzo. It’s not great experience because Zwift automatically turns for you anyways. Let me turn on my own. Why am I turning in game if my handles are straight? Make it a setting to turn off the assist. Should be quick to implement. Letting me steer on my own would make it a lot more realistic

Will Zwift release Steering function/SDK/API for developer?


I’m still having bugs with steering since Dynamic Pacs 3 is rolled out. My avatar is drifting sideways in group draft. I know zhq is aware of this issue. Stephan

Has Zwift abandoned this futureworks project? When was the last time anyone heard anything from Zwift on progress, rollout plans, or why Zwift doesn’t allow on their own rides (such as the Neokyo Badge Hunt rides) – is there a technical issue or bugs still being worked out?

steering is dead. Zwift just sent me an email offering a sterzo half price. Means they’re dumping stock…


It’s the same as boost races, a vanity project a bit like the bike they are releasing that doesn’t get used where the resources used could have been been used elsewhere in a useful way


I’m not sure whether or not they’ve abandoned steering. It is a capability that’s built into their coming own brand trainer bike. It’s just odd that, unless I’ve missed it, there has been no Zwift update on current status of this project whatsoever – compare to the awesome updates that @Eddy_Lee has been providing on Clubs. Is there no product manager assigned to the steering development for Zwift?

I would love to know what proportion of zwifters in the last month were actually using steering. My money’s on it being well below 5% of all users. When I’m in Zwift, I keep an eye out to see the steering icon in other riders’ righthand-column info. Rare as hens’ teeth.

Putting aside the facts that the steering on the Wahoo KICKR BIKE still seems to be problematic and that the Sterzo Smart’s ANT+ capability has still not been activated/implemented, despite the hardware being there, I think steering was launched half-heartedly and Zwift now realize that they can’t really be seen to have a two-standards system in place of haves and have-nots, where the haves are perceived as having an unfair advantage automatically.

The steering, as it stands, works perfectly well. (As long as we accept that it’s more micro-lane selection rather than actual steering.) For those using the Sterzo Smart (and not the KICKR BIKE), it even works well in the Pack Dynamics 3.0.

The trouble stems from the fact that only a small proportion of users felt incited to buy a sub-$100 hardware add-on, which, in many cases, is a small proportion of what they spend on cycling-related purchases each year.

I bought a Sterzo Smart locally in the early months of its introduction at a reasonable price. I don’t regret it. It frees up the front end of my bike and adds an enjoyable extra aspect to zwifting… when it can be used.
Sadly, so few events allow steering that that’s almost only ever in free rides. I’ve even installed an external power switch on mine so that I don’t waste the batteries or have an extra BT connection being attempted when I know I’ll be zwifting in events where steering is disabled all session.

In my region, the price of the Sterzo Smart dropped through the floor over the last six months, almost certainly due to inventory not moving.
I can’t blame other zwifters for not buying one. Zwift has given no sign that it considers steering to be of any interest. But then it’s the chicken and egg situation all over again: ZHQ probably won’t devote further resources to steering until more people have the hardware, and people won’t buy a new doodad if they don’t think it adds anything to their zwifting experience.

I’m too lazy to look up Zwift’s hardware bike project tonight, but I recall it featuring button-activated rather than rotation-based steering. Perhaps, when it is launched, Zwift will try to market some handlebar button controls for those who want to use steering in Zwift with their third-party hardware… but even if they did, how many users would be interested then? People need to feel a compelling reason for changing habits and spending more.


So, is steering officially out of “Futureworks” now that it’s a default?

Yip my steering on kikr bike has stopped working last few rides have Zwift stopped it

No, it’s a bug and others have reported problems with Kickr bike steering as well.

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Thanks Steve

I have steering and on some rides if I don’t use it I end up pushed over to the side while non steering riders remains in the draft.

It’s just a nuisance and I usually disable the steering from kickr bike by using ANT+ connection.

Someone previously said you could use steering buttons on kickr bike to do navigating at junctions, I tried this yesterday and nothing happened. Maybe they had the magic touch.

I still had normal steering working, only benefit was to keep away people trying to get the draft without doing any work themselves. :wink:

Is this no steering with a steering device paired? Or no steering after using coffee stop?

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I have been polite and plesent but yous never listen quite arrogant previous responses from zwift kikr bike steering enough said

There’s a steering issue due to be fixed in 1.41.

I haven’t ignored anything you’ve said. You just make up your own narrative to suit your agenda.

Enough said.