Functionality for commentators and race organisers

I commentate on Zwift races, nearly always live and the current method really only suits certain types of races. The only way to follow a race is to join a race, not ride, and then click on the various riders in the rider list to work your way around the field. Almost impossible to do on short multi lap crit races with large fields as the rider list changes so fast it is almost impossible t click on the rider that you want to follow.

I can see real commercial opportunities for such features both for Zwift and commentators. Ideally the following features are needed.

A way of following a specific rider (select their name from a numerical or alphabetic list or by team or by category.)
Distance between groups
Ability to position camera anywhere on course (more than one even)
A mechanism for viewing finishes, from front, rear, above and in slow motion
Ability to exclude riders from rider list (i.e. those not racing but just joining in)