Improved Fan Mode - Broadcaster Mode

Broadcaster Mode

When viewing riders whether for pleasure or for streaming an event for race coverage, you are limited to seeing the riders on the rider list on screen right. This list is either based on Event Module information and/or who is on that section of road between junctions.

It would be beneficial to have a enhanced fan view/broadcaster mode when you can select any rider in the world from a list/filter(by event tag)/search regardless of direction and position. Other extensions to this could be to have the ability to amend the UI on screen e.g. switch to minimal UI or amend what rider stats are available.

The feature to select and click through any rider from a list on course/world would greatly enhance the coverage of Zwift races and events when live streaming to really show off what Zwift has to offer.

Request for a free camera/drone/moto mode to roam about the course to find riders and not get stuck in the starting pens when a incorrect click is made.

This could be a limited access to those who are “authorised” to broadcast events rather than free access to everyone

I think also that races should be run in ‘isolation’ mode so that if you are in a competitive event rather than a social ride, you don’t see any other riders on the course at all and obviously can’t draft off them! The race screen should give a TV style groups and gaps diagram at the bottom. See the TDF mobile app for a good example. The rider position diagram in the top right hand corner is ok but difficult to see in the heat of the action.

Agreed. A Broadcasters Mode should be instated to allow Nathan to have full control of viewing the race. 


Request for a free camera/drone/moto mode to roam about the course to find riders and not get stuck in the starting pens when a incorrect click is made.

It’s a fantastic idea & would improve an already brilliant service provided by Nathan & the team at Vision.

agreed! The zwift racing community is stronger by the day, part of this is Nathan’s broadcast, which in terms of presence it itself has grown in quality with the community. This feature (features deemed similar) would certainly help to enhance the experience further - bearing in mind broadcasts are not just watched while a race is underway, they are saved and can be played back after the event - again increasing the presence of zwift online.

A feature in broadcast mode I would suggest would be the ability to hotkey riders so the broadcaster can jump back and forth between packs and groups easier.  By doing so this would allow the broadcaster to better capture the entire race. 


Yes I  think this would be such and good idea. I watch his broadcasts and can see the frustration when he is trying to keep up with all the riders and their finishes. He does such an excellent job and is a total joy to listen to.



I know its probably going to be a nightmare as it means 1 rider would need to be able to join 3-4 events at the same time, or have their ridder list limited to a particular route. But, it will make a big difference to the broadcasting side of Zwift, this side will only expand as younger people get more involved.  Also, we do like to watch and race, and its a great boost as a rider when you get a mention.

keep going guys, this software is life changing.