I’m new to zwift and have started the 4wk FTP booster. Having carried out the FTP test it came back at 257. I am now on week two of the plan and struggling to hit the power/cadence target set on the workout.
I did the test via Bluetooth connection and started the 4 week plan on an ant+ connection. The Bluetooth connection picks up the misuro power sensor. I now pick up the speed sensor on my elite super Crono smart+ turbo through ant+. The speeds and cadence are true as I have had my garmin 500 running but wondered if the power output recorded via Bluetooth connection was slightly higher than it should be.
I know that the simple thing would be to do the ftp test connected to ant+. But has anyone found any differences between the power readings from different connection. I run zwift through my MacBook.

Hi Mark, I had similar issues when I transferred from Trainer Road. I started zwift with my trainer road ftp number and struggled like hell. If you did the ftp test using data from a power meter and you are now using estimated power there will be a difference. Even 5 rpm makes a bike difference on my elite fluid power trainer. My advice is to run the test again using ant+ and the speed / cadence sensor. This should get you back on track. Regards, Graham.

Even if you don’t know your ftp you can still estimate over a few weeks of completing workouts.  If you can’t finish the workout because it is too hard, reduce your ftp number, if it is too easy, increase your ftp number.  You should be able to complete the workouts and feel like you have a little bit of energy left at the end.  Once your ftp number is correct, the workouts should be challenging but you should be able to finish them.