New FTP level?

(A Goldau Qat ) #1

Question on Zwift FTP: After the Zwift academy my FTP increased from 250w to 258w. That was automatically detected in a race. In yesterday’s race zwiftpower shows NP of 277w, Strava 270w with 281w for best 20 minute power. Isn’t Zwift supposed to automatically detect a new FTP threshold or do I need a longer race for this? Or another FTP test? Thanks

(Alexander Perdon) #2

FTP is just a number. Personally I don’t believe in FTP values obtained from a race. Just perform a good FTP test at a certifed testing center using a RAMP test as preference.

(A Goldau Qat ) #3

Thanks, Alexander! It would still be interesting to know how the race based system works…

(Paul Graham) #4

Your Zwift Academy FTP will have been reached via an FTP algorithm, the FTP figure is derived from a constant power output over a set time. This number can be used as an aid for joining races and laying out power zones.

The Strava/Zwift-power numbers are session specific and are often ‘Normalised’ or ‘Weighted’ to gain a reading that doesn’t include all the extreme lows and extreme highs, drops from declines, slip-streaming, climbing and so on.

Your FTP of 258w from ZA will be accurate for use over the next few weeks or months. As another poster has said, it’s best not to be overly concerned with FTP numbers.

Ride On!

(i van) #5

NP is the weighted power average for a given workout (that’s the key here), and a workout can be shorter than one hour. FTP is your theoretical power you can sustain for one hour. Your NP can be higher than your FTP on zwiftpower because the race was most likely 30-45 minutes.

(A Goldau Qat ) #6

Many thanks, Paul and i van! So only if I do a race longer than 1h with a FTP of more than 258w Zwift will automatically upgrade my data? Or I guess if I do one of their FTP test programs?