Hi guys, i’m new to swift just setting up . can anyone quickly tell me how to do a FTP test .

best Helen


Ride hard for 20 min.

its ok . Got


Hi Helen. Load up one of the FTP tests where you load Zwift workouts. If it’s the first time round make sure to set your initial FTP low otherwise if you’re on an ERG trainer the warmup part will be too hard. In the testing part if you’re on an ERG trainer the trainer will switch out of ERG mode. You then go as hard as you can and change gears to change the resistance.

Enjoy and don’t go out too hard. You want to pace yourself and try an maintain a fairly constant level of power.

After some rides you could read the AV Power or better use the Critical Power value for 20min. It is the value you could use as a starting point of FTP to set before taking the FTP 40min Workout. It will help you to setup the ERG in realistic range to benefit from it. FTP test is not a nice thing to be honest. After the 20min test period you can feel sick a little. Don’t do it after lunch :slight_smile: