FTP ramp- lite or classic

Hello, I have a question about ramp FTP tests.
I have read some recent articles on cyclingweekly and bikeradar about FTP tests, where they said that classic ramp test on zwift starts on 100w and every minute it should rise in 20w increments. And ramp test lite should start at 50w with 10w per minute increments.

My current ftp (according 20 minute outdoor test) is 266w (I have not done ramp test yet). My weight is 89kg.

According to FTP tests folder in my workout collections in zwift both of ramp tests are different from what I have found:

  • Classic ramp test starts at my current FTP 266w with big 53w per minute increments, which is strange- according to that, my ramp process should take only 3 minutes to get to 372w (to resulting ftp 266w).
  • Ramp test lite starts at 133 with 26w per minute increments which should take me 9-10 minutes to get to my actual ftp result.

Which one should I choose? Ramp process should take optimally 14-18 minute. Classic ramp test is really strange as there are big gaps between minutes.
Does Zwift recently changed ramp tests?

Interesting. I just checked the Classic ramp test in the workouts section and saw something equivalent, with the graphic showing the first ramp section beginning at my current FTP. (Definitely not correct protocol.)

However, on selecting the test, the correct Classic ramp test sequence appears to the left of the screen like it has done in the past, i.e. ramps starting at 100 W and increasing in 20 W increments.

I suspect that there’s a bug in the generation of the graphical representation of the workout. Another issue for Zwift to correct following the recent changes to the workouts

To answer your first question, based on your stats, the Classic ramp test is the one for you.

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You need to do the Ramp Test, not the Ramp Test Lite.

You are looking at a ‘bug’ on the FTP workout list which shows you this picture

If you go into workouts from in game you will find this view of the Ramp Test. It will start you off at the 100w.

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Now I can see, that there are correct values in the other in game menu. It is bug.

Thank you very much for help :+1::+1:

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