Ramp test help

Hi guys need some help with the ramp test.
Tried my 1st ramp test this afternoon, but had some unexpected results.

Firstly, I have completed around 10 rides on Swift, half of which have been set workouts.
I usually find Zwift’s intensity rating /5 fairly accurate and the on screen comments pretty close to the mark. FTP listed on workouts is 315w, and always use ERG mode.

Ramp test time. 8 min warmup, then into test, started at 50w… found this very hard to ride at any cadence, adjusted difficulty up to 125%, as high as it could go. Cruised through the whole test no problems, didn’t even turn on my fan?

Last 1 minute was @ 310w and was predicting a 300w average, but the results fininshed with 235w…

Straight back into another test and currently asking me to ride at the same starting 50/60/70w etc up to 310 after adjusting up to 125% again?

Gave up on the 2nd one and now my FTP is 175?

With an FTP around 315 you should be doing the Ramp Test not the Ramp Test Lite.


what trainer are you using?

Jet Black Volt

I’ll try that next time. Do the ramp tests always start at 50w?

No, Ramp Test starts at 100w and keeps going up until you can put down no more power increases. The Ramp Test Lite which you have done starts lower and finishes at around 300 ish watts; far too low for you. (Edit: 250 watts but you got yours up to 300w by upping your difficulty/bias to 125%)