FTP and weight

I am wondering if we should update our weight and ftp during the Zwift academy? I did the ftp ramp test just before starting the academy, and increased my ftp based on that. However I did the la reine race yesterday and was >10W over my ftp as an average (and the race took me about 70mins)… so based on this I think I might need to up my ftp to get the most out of the workouts.

Also, if our weight changes throughout the academy I assume We should update this as well? I assume it impacts race performance (twigged in my first race yesterday as I think I may now be a bit lighter than my settings say)


People competing for the pro contract are supposed to weight twice a week and enter the changes into Today’s Plan. IIRC I run from my scale to computer to enter my lowered weight into Zwift. :grin:

You can always increase the difficulty of a workout by increasing the bias on the Companion app. Zwift is always watching your performance and if it thinks you have increased your FTP you will get a message after a ride. It pops up afterwards and says “WHOA” you have increased your FTP.

Thanks David. I didn’t realise that! Oops