FRR 24hrs Atop Ven-Top Charity Club Challenge - May 18th

CHARITY DAY - 24hrs Atop Ven-Top.
Our most ambitious event so far - Open events starting at 0700 BST May 18th and then every 30 minutes until 0630 May 19th - So plenty of opportunity to complete a challenge or 3 and raise some funds for our chosen Charities (Cyclists Fighting Cancer & Bodie Hodges Foundation) plus 30% of the funds raised will be shared by the 3 Clubs whose riders complete the most ascents in 24 hours… plus a few more exclusive prizes to the event…

Riders are joining at all times from across the Globe to do 1 or more ascents or just to support …

Whatever you choose to do you’ll see everyone on the hill and we’ll be glad of the company…

Our website is moving forward, here is the link to the new look totally focused on the Charity Day…

More info at - flammerougeracing .co .uk

What would be great would be if there was a ride leader that would show up in the “join a zwifter “
Then at any time, one could join a group.

I’ve joined a few rides before. It is always fun to support someone in the middle of a long, long effort.

Maybe you could post the names of the ‘serious’ contenders; those who plan on riding over 12 hours.

Wishing you all a successful event.


There will be many people on long rides that Day… first event starts 0700 BST of which I’ll be on that one Richard Vale (FRR Event Control) and we are asking all riders to tag themselves as FRR24 in Companion… so find me find alot of people as you will be able to talk and help anyone…


Eric from Zwift Insider just posted about this. Thinking of doing this on Saturday morning but may only be able to do 1 ascent as I am not a climber at all (nor in that great of shape). Just confirming that (as it says in Eric’s article) we will only get the in game kit (that we are wearing) if we do 3 ascents of Ven-Top. Thank you

That is correct - the Zwift Jersey would be allocated to everyone who completes 3 ascents - that is why it is the most exclusive in the game as everyone who has it has earned it one way or another…

Hi Richard

Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know about the kit.

I am probably going to have to take a pass on this event (and miss getting the kit) as there is no way I can do 3 ascents of VenTop.

Good luck to you and everyone that is doing these events/rides.



I “might” swap my usual Saturday Alpe Basecamp for 3 VT´s on this one…, and would of course love to unlock the jersey.

Can anyone tell if the jersey unlock is 3 rides from the event list, or just 1 ride from the event list with a u-turn at the bottom ?

And… will the unlock actually work ? ( never seen this sort of unlock in Zwift, so it could be buggy :thinking: )



BooX come join hopefully there will be a fair few on there and if you do 3 you also enter the draw for some prizes… visit flammerougeracing and check out the FAQs…

Note… we are in transition on websites so our admin site needs your registration (just so we can pick you up in the results and ultimately allocate you the Jersey …) so head over to flammerougeracing .com and REGISTER… any problems just let me know…

As for the 3… start an event, complete it, U turn back to the segment start point and do it 2 more times… then send an email with your Strava link… we review and then allocate the Jersey… you can then join a very exclusive club… last count just 320 have it!

For lots more info on the day and chat/support join our Discord Server… it will be lively on the day… //discord .com/invite/nQNWHQK6PS

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Thanks @Richard_Vale :pray:

Unfortunately I’m not registered on Zwiftpower since I don’t do any racing, I might still ride VT tomorrow instead of the Alpe - especially if there’s some good vibes and chats on the VT.


Well you can still join the events… the vibe will lively I’m sure just be sure to say hello…