Frozen mid ride

I was 16km into Fuego flat reverse ride and it froze completely. I waited 10 minutes with no response from the program. I had to close the program and lost my ride details. This is the second time in a week. Are there any current issues I may have missed.?Is anyone else having this problem? Any advice or info appreciated. Thanks Sharon

Hi @Rosie_R

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What device are you using?

Hi I am using a laptop with windows 11 and on a Wahoo kickr.

Can you post the link to the results of the Zwiftalizer.Com test.

That can help us with the device specifications and issues.

I suspect that the laptop is not up to the job. Laptops are particularly bad at 3D gaming

Hi Gerrie thanks for your help. I have got rid of some programs off my laptop which may be affecting things. So I will see how it goes for now. I am looking at upgrading my laptop anyway. So may do that soon. I will check out specs for 3D gaming before I buy anything. Thanks again for the quick response. Really enjoy Zwift!

Rosie, if you’re upgrading just be mindful that there are some hardware & software combinations that aren’t very Zwift friendly.

Windows 11 itself can be problematic.
Intel 11&12th generation processors
Nvidia graphics chips.

My advice would be rather than target an expensive gaming laptop to look more towards a dedicated PC.
Far cheaper & upgradeable.

Unless of course your laptop is needed for other things than Zwift.

Thank you Stuart that is great information. I will be getting a laptop as I use it for other things.

I have just done the Zwift update so that may help.

Did you mean AMD? Nvidia seems to be the standard for Zwift on PC…

A mid-range gaming laptop with an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU would probably be fine especially if you don’t care about using a 4K display.

Nope i meant Nvidia. Particularly integrated ones.

But yes whilst I’m compiling a list we can add AMD onto it.

Hi Stuart just to let you know that I updated drivers on my laptop. Had a ride today, only a short one, but no freezing. So Yay! Fingers crossed the driver updates may have helped. I may still have to upgrade my laptop at some point. Thank you for all the conversations and the quick responses.

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That’s great news, fingers crossed it remains that way.

Ride On!

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